Friday, November 23, 2007

I haven’t let go..

I know. I know. It’s all dark inside the storyteller’s hut; almost like a haunted house. Cobwebs. Unwashed tea cups. Mounds of melted wax that once dispelled the darkness as we sat and talked stories once upon a time. And now, with the last instance we spoke being almost four months back, some of you might have slowly started to believe that the hut is shut forever. I wish I had never let that idea creep in, but you see I just let other things take over – like laziness, tiredness, helplessness among others. Nevertheless, I am happy to see so many new guests who have stepped in, rummaged through the story bag and left little notes of appreciation. When I see them, I am delighted but guilty as well, at my inability to tell you more and entertain you better.

It appears to me the status will remain such for some time to come, for I am at the threshold of change – probably the most important one so far in my life. At best, I can assure you that the rugged muddy ground of the hut will continue to stay (aren’t you rolling your mouse over it already?) and hopefully the roof should also be intact unless some gusty wind decides to blow it away; and the story bag is still there and all yours. Having said that, I hope and pray I will return, not just alone, but with a little angel who will tell you more stories. Till then, stay good, healthy, and peaceful and definitely – do hang on!