Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I love telling stories..

It's been five years since I began blogging. It is interesting to note that this blog got out the storyteller in me! Much of my initial blog posts were more personal or non-fiction rather than stories and somewhere in the middle, my storytelling instincts woke up and the result, I ended up even changing the name of my blog to "The storyteller's hut".

And I have realized, over the days, I have only grown more and more fond of writing stories - aiming to keep them simple and writing plots that readers can relate to. Each time that I have written a story, I have tried to see things from the perspective of my characters, felt what they would feel, wrote what they would have thought and spoken. In certain cases, i.e., stories that have stayed very close to my heart, I have even had that hangover of the theme and setup lasting within me for days together! For me, my stories are a different world altogether - one that I travel to once in a while and feel refreshed and come back! :)

And so, for those who are interested, here is a compilation of the short stories I have written so far on this blog!

And well, this blog has also inspired me to aspire for something more - to reach out for something higher - the result : Spark. The February issue is out and the theme is Romance. Please visit http://sparkthemag.wordpress.com, where many other writers and bloggers have joined me in creating a magazine brimming with creativity! If you love it, don't forget to subscribe to the mag!

Good day!