Sunday, February 19, 2006

Return to innocence

I say a prayer so fervent
To crawl, to whine, to be innocent
To relive that forgotten moment
I wish, I wish I were a child again..

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Honk, Honk..L-Board Here! :)

Phew!!!! After a month and a half of waking up early and religiously attending car driving classes (with my instructor's tireless, non stop talking to accompany every class), I finally landed up getting my four wheeler license yesterday!

Ah well, didn't I say some time that I wanted a Lancer? :D

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


When her radiant black hair looked wild like the deadly night,
When her face grew pale like the ghostly moon,
When hot tears stung her eyes like a thousand bees,
When nails dug into her skin, letting it bleed in agony,
When every pore in her body cried out in desolation,
When a fierce fury wrenched her heart,
When pangs of jealousy seized her being,
When her heart lay shattered into a million pieces,
When her soul burnt like a raging fire,
When that fierce, passionate possessiveness overtook her,

When her lips quivered with love so sublime and pure,
When she knew for sure they would never leave behind a kiss,
When she learnt that this love could never be consumed,
When in missing him she missed a part of herself,
When she saw her love grow truer with every confession,
When even the pain of separation seemed a sweet trial,
When the heart that was filled with love, still felt hollow,
When they seemed like the dove’s wings that never met,
When she accepted in peace that their paths couldn’t cross,
When that calm and serenity of a cool blue sky overtook her..

I saw the devil and the Master coexist and sustain their beauties together, this duality in Love – an insanity in whose core lay the seed of profundity –The same love that evoked a devilish possessiveness, was the one that let him go, without holding back; anything.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A special day

I slapped myself hard on my cheeks, rubbed my eyes and opened them wide. Oh come on, you should be kidding me! It can’t be a year so soon! Holy Christ, it indeed is a year since I started blogging and my child is a year old today!

May be a slightly exaggerated display of excitement for, there are many more experienced bloggers around! But, given the shockingly small number of things that I pursue with such fervent passion, this is a happy moment for me.

Coming to think of it, my first experience with blogging came as a typical academic exercise. As I vaguely recollect, it was one of those simply ordinary days during my journalism course in 2004 when we were asked to create our own blogs. As with many people, I put up two posts and abandoned the poor thing then and there.

And suddenly, on Feb 01, 2005, God knows from where a small thought to revive the activity popped up! [May be I saw, my blog father, who was my classmate and the proud owner of a dozen and odd blogs then, glued to the screen writing about anything and everything, probably even including an ant that crawled near his comp..:p and oh yes, it was also Rathish’s wonderfully creative blog!]

My sis who is a month senior to me in the big blog world, initiated the commenting system on the first post, one about my mom! I was deeply intrigued by this comments thingy and I landed up on her blog leaving a comment on a post she wrote on me! And Lo, on my next post, I saw Saranyan’s comment and was thrilled beyond description! The activity kept me so mesmerised that I went on to put a post almost everyday and Feb 2005 still remains the month in which I have had the maximum posts up!

I grew to love this child so much over the days. I cared for her, adored her, gave her all that I could and felt bad if I didn’t see her for days together. Funny it may seem, but truly speaking, what started off as a mere idea of keeping record of things, has evolved into a beautiful relationship, that I have grown to refer to my blog as my child.

Through the year, I saw my thoughts, dreams and aspirations take shape into what stands before my eyes now and I feel I could just hug this blog and thank her for being so wonderfully flexible! The last one year has been so eventful and my blog holds a special place in my heart for she has been a part and parcel of everything!

The idea of trying on anything fascinated me so much that I felt like a child who wanted to splash colours across the wall and merely stare at it and feel innately happy about the sheer joy that colours can bring to one’s life. Since then, my blog has been more of a writing experiment and I have tried my hand on whatever I wanted to.

There are more reasons than one for which I am grateful to this blog. I made some really nice acquaintances through this thread and it gave me some of the deepest relationships that I would treasure and hold dear all my life. It taught me many lessons, saw me happy, found me cracking up at times and remains one of my most treasured experiences.

I take this moment to personally thank each one of you who has patiently taken the time to leave a comment. Thank you for being the wonderful audience that you have been! Thought Pallette has indeed been a spicy journey and it shall continue..

Warm regards,