Sunday, February 19, 2006

Return to innocence

I say a prayer so fervent
To crawl, to whine, to be innocent
To relive that forgotten moment
I wish, I wish I were a child again..


Krish said...

Everyone wishes that..none ever gets to achieve it...that is a known, appreciated knowledge..but none wants to accept it...ever thought why?

Ramya said...

I wish I had a time-turner! Life's seems so cruel at times, but that's the way it is....

Amrita said...

hmm, that was really moving any, u are budding into a fine poetess.

Parvati said...

Innocence of a baby along with the wisdom of a sage not to mention the intelligence of a mathematician - THIS would indeed be a deadly combination in a human being methinks...
Mathematician Paul Erdos was such a person it seems, as evident from this highly enjoyable post from a friend's blog :

Krish said...

@Anu n Parvati : Anu, Pardon me for taking this into a discussion..

@Parvati: Do you really think Innocence of a baby can coexist with the Wisdom of the sage..isnt Wisdom the very anti thesis of innocence?

Roy said...

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Anupama Viswanathan said...

Krish, are you asking me as to why people don't accept this fact? my closest and almost immediate guess to your question would be this: I believe that the innocence of a child is the ideal frame of mind that anyone would want to achieve, a state of perfect peace. Isn't it basic human instinct to crave for something as ideal as that? And when you know it's highly difficult to achieve that, it's a desperate hope and longing that holds you back from accepting certain things..

But I have a question here (may be a very ignorant one): Is this kind of innocence impossible to achieve, for an adult? It may be difficult owing to the thousand prejudices and apprehensions(we get to hold over years) that tarnish this innocence that one possesses as a child..But, is this impossible for someone?

Ramya, I think you need a time-machine! :) (get working on it!! :D)

Amrita, :)..

Parvati, thanks! :)..I will check out the post@ this url..Meanwhile, you have Krish's question to answer!

Parvati said...

Indeed I do, Anu, - I do have to answer Krish's question... So here goes! -

We can explain away many complicated things if we always remember that there are several levels of hierarchy, of depth, of "lateralarchy" too, as it were.

In the hierarchy of consciousness, we have the body, life, mind, pure reason, and beyond mind too - overmind, supermind adinfinitum.
Depths wise, we have our emotions, our heart, and deeper still our soul. Laterally we see that certain people have a greater reach world wide, or in a small sphere of influence etc etc.

Methinks that Innocence is a peculiar feature of the soul, and since the soul is independent of the mind, whether the mind is highly intellectualised or not, this innocence can manifest beautifully; if you have heard the President Dr Abdul Kalam speak, you will realize that his innocence and childlike simplicity is completely amazing. There is one man who is a brilliant scientist, a loving person, and when he speaks his words carry a lot of wisdom.

Innocence gushes forth from the depths of our soul, and wisdom seeps into us from the spiritual heights when open ourselves to the light from above. And both are not contradictory. Innocence has a sweet penetrating wisdom of its own, and wisdom has its special peculiar purity of innocence too, in that wisdom cut through a lot of dross and hits upon the essentials of situations, problems and issues.

ULTIMATELY I THINK THAT BOTH WISDOM AND INNOCENCE ARE THE WAY THE DIVINE MANIFESTS IN HUMAN BEINGS - His Light manifests in us/our mind and thoughts and words as Wisdom, and His Love and Purity manifests in us as Innocence and Simplicity.

Phew!...Anu, Krish - let me take a deep breath and come back in ....hmmm....a month? :)

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Parvati, That's mind blowing explanation! :)

Krish, I think wisdom and innocence are essentially independent, though at later stages in life, spiritual wisdom often aids in realising this innocence, that is lost in the frills of day to day activities. As a child, we are ignorant (and don't we say sometimes ignorance is bliss..? :p) but despite that, innocence is so wonderfully existent. I believe that as we grow up, wisdom and innocence could coexist in a person!

Parvati, didn't expect you tire out this much, that you want to come back only after a month..:(..

DD said...

"To relive that forgotten moment", yeah really!

REFLEX said...

I want to fast forward my life and go to my 50+ ;).
Appo thaan Krishna Rama nu kalathai thalla mudiyum.

rajesh said...

reminds me of 'enigma'...

Don't care what people say
Just follow your own way
Don't give up and use the chance
To return to innocence

Ricky said...

Everyone does long for the past. Does it mean that the present is not good? Nope! The past was so great that there is so much that we would want back. I guess we all have our nostalgic moments. :)

MrGonSings said...

Hey! No fair! I left a comment here days ago and I now see it didn't show! :/

well, I basically said that I hoped this poem were inspired by sweet childhood reminiscence and not by an unpleasant experience of adult life.

Viji said...

Well, I don't remember being innocent, when I was a child. I was cunning, vicious, manipulative etc. ;)
Makes me wonder why people always assume children are innocent!

biju said...

hey u've been missing for so long. Where art thou?

Manoj said...

me toooooooo