Monday, July 26, 2010

Tell us what you think! - Question 1

The August issue of Spark will center around the theme, 'India Decoded'.

We plan to do a Public Opinion section for the issue. Here's a question:

If there was one thing you wanted to change about India, what would it

You can leave your response as a comment here. A request - please keep your replies concise and to-the-point. The best replies will be published in the August issue of Spark.

Don't forget to mention your full name and your city/country as part of your response.

Many thanks and looking forward to your views!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

When Son goes to school..

Life changes.

You wake up early.

First few days can be tiring - anxiety primarily. You never know how his day went till you ask the teacher. One day he is fine and the next day he isn't. The good thing: it's just few days. Then it's all fine.

Son and I make interesting and important decisions like which colour hand towel to take and what to pack in the snacks box.

Advice escapes you like the easiest thing on earth. Deals are struck. Be a good boy tomorrow! Don't fight with others! If you want something ask your teacher! Enjoy, school is fun. See there are no friends at home, they are there only at school! (And after that, the boy peeps into each room to figure out if there's someone at all; you see part of the exercise!)

Pride. When he gets his first hand print home.

Nursery rhymes - old ones revisited; new ones learnt - not just son but momma too!
Interesting conversations on the way back. Ma, today that boy did this; that girl cried; I didn't cry. I was a good boy, Amma. Stories of colours painted; crayons used. Places visited - the music room, play area/sand pit; cycling in the ground; catch the ball!

More than anything, the wide-eyed big-grin face that I spot most easily among the sea of faces when I go to pick him up; the relief of finding him again after two hours, all safe; the way he pushes his way through to me, the 'amma lift me' and that small kiss on the cheek!

Ah, the many memorable moments in the lives of a mother and her school going son! :)


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