Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lyrics that I fell for - III

Now, after this and this, I am tempted to list one more again and this is one song that is very dear to me. It is from the movie, 'Nilaave Vaa' set to tune by Vidyasagar. The song penned by Vairamuthu, is sung very beautifully by Chitra and Hariharan.

The concept used in this song is very interesting. The attachment or the fact that the presence of the other in one's life is indispensable, is put forth through certain wonderful facts - pairs, where you can't isolate one from the other. I can't pick out one of them and say I love this. I love them all! :)..So here it is, for record..

"nee kaatru naan maram
enna sonnalum thalai aatuven

nee mazhai naan boomi
engu vizhundalum endhi koLven

nee iravu naan viNmeen
nee irukkum varai thaan naan iruppen"

"nee alai naan karai
ennai adithaalum etru koLven

nee udal naan nizhal
nee vizhavendam naan vizhuven

nee kiLai naan ilai
unnai ottum varaikkum thaan uyir tharippen

nee vizhi naan imai
unnai serum varaikkum naan thudithiruppen

nee swaasam naan deham
naan unnai mattum uyir thoda anumadhippen" (nee kaatru..)

"nee vaanam naan neelam
unnil naanai kalandhiruppen

nee eNNam naan vaarthai
nee sollum pozhudhey veLi paduven

nee veyil naan kuil
un varugai paarthuthaan naan isaippen

nee udai naan idai
unai urangum pozhudum naan udithiruppen

nee pagal naan oLi
endrum unnai mattum saarndhey naan iruppen" (nee kaatru..)


Chakra Sampath said...

good ones indeed... Vairamuthu stands tall!

Krish said...

Somehow, whenever I hear this song, I cant help remembering one more song "Malarae..Mounamaaa"...I dont know why, but these two songs are always together!:)

MrGonSings said...

Hola Anu! :)
Trying my best to understand a bit of this, but I don't think my foreign languages abilities reach that far...
Well, always a good moment to wish you a good day, anyway...

narayanan said...

i love this song. however once my friend killed this song by singing 'nee kaatru naan cycle tube, nee adithal naan vedithu viduven' :)) so eppo indha paata kettalum adhu dhaan nyabagam varum :D


Sriram C S said...

@Anu - Extremely good song that. Interesting that you bring it up now...
@Krish - The two songs will go together! Same raagam! :)

Amrita said...

hi anu, pity I cannot read the lyrics.

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Chakra, true..He is got some really good stuff here!

Krish, there, Sriram has an answer for you..:)
Sriram, what raagam is this?

Mrgonsings, hahaha..I can imagine a confused face [though I have no clue how you look :)] and you scratching your chin and wondering.."Oh dear, what is this girl saying now?"...Never mind, I am glad you wished me a good day! :)

Narayanan, Please hit your friend on my behalf! ;)

Amrita, not to worry, shall explain it to you sometime, may be during a break?? :)

Vinesh said...

It's a wonderful song...I LOVE it! :-)

The lyrics are interesting, but my favourite thing about this song is Hariharan's voice, right from the time he starts off "Nee Kaatru" in his base voice! :-)

Have you heard the solo Hariharan version that can be found in the Nilaave Vaa cassette?

narayanan said...

I think it is Darbari Kanada, engeyo Malare Mounama andha ragam'nu partha madiri nyabagam. I think Kalyana Thenila is also the same kind.
cha nalla dhaane maathirukkan. paavam avana edhukku adikkanum ;)


Anupama Viswanathan said...

Vinesh, Yup, I have heard Hariharan's solo version as well..I like that too...His nuances are too good in the song..

Narayanan, you needn't defend your friend soo much! Ok, so the raagam is Durbari Kaanada!

Manoj said...

movie songs.... yeaaay :)). I don't remember this song. But the lyrics are good. Do you know who was in the cast?

Sriram C S said...

@Anu - Ranganathan St is right!! Darbari Kanada it is, the same as Agaya Vennilave. Wonderful soothing raaga.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Great song.! I like it every time I listen to it. Nice lyrics, superb tune and Hariharan's voice is breathtaking.!!

Manoj said...

you are blogging so less often. I guess it's becoz of time. When i earn enough, i'll pay you for blogging ok. (I just luv your blogs.)

Vani Viswanathan said...

i just heard this song today!!! :) and hey, you have a new source of income form manoj! :P

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Sriram, thanks for the indeed is a soothing raagam! :)

Narayanan Venkitu, Seeing you after a long time..glad to hear that you like the song as well!

Manoj, pay me for blogging?? I wonder from where you get such ideas.:O

Vani, I know you are a happy soul, listening to all good songs and sitting abso vetti! :p

Manoj said...

No harm. Jus so you'd blog more :)

unknown said...

ya lovely songs...
ur blog "His better half's monologue."..lovely....romantic...

unknown said...

Hey Anu,
Have u listen the song "Melliname" and "Minnalai pidithu" from the movie "shajahan"..
the last 2 lines in melliname
"bhagavan pesuvathu illai yen bakthiyum kuraivathu illai,kadhali pesuvathu illai yen kadhalum kuraivathum illa" is really good...

Vanathi said...

I like this song...

Vani Viswanathan said...

you better stop calling me vetti, woman!

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Ammu, welcome here and thanks for your comments! Yeah, I have listened to the songs you mention..Nice ones..:)

Vanathi, glad to hear you like the song as well! :)

Vani, you are of course 'vetti' don't know how busy I am at work, these days! :p

a gigglin donky said...

Romba Nalla Irukku..

யாத்திரீகன் said...

song is gud until you see the visualization , it sucks..

and one particular music note in that song really is horrible.. its a continous music of some trumpet kinda..
and those lyrics.. eventhough it seemed romantic and good to everyone.. it was so monotonous.. oray maathiri comparisions paatu muluka..

these three never allowed me to njoy the song..


Anupama Viswanathan said...

Senthil, you have a different comment to offer! Good..:)..
your first point, actually I have never seen the visuals of the song till this time..I have heard it on mp3/radio/online..and personally, I don't think visuals will make a difference to whether I like a song or not..

You found the lyrics monotonous?? :o I believe the comparisons were intentionally meant to be similar..and according to me, that is the beauty of the song!

Anand said...

Hi Anupama,

I seem to agree with Senthil. The importance that's shown towards hyperboles/similies or any which way you qualify that song - is too much.

In the last 15 years, I am seeing tamil lyricists hiding behind these (comparisons and the like) for want of words to explain the same in other ways. I can quote couple of songs which were let down by lyricists IMHO (i love those songs anyway) from Idhayam (ponvandu thaan parthadhamma) and the other from marupadiyum. "Nee Kaatru" falls in the same category to me.

You believe that the comparisons were intentionally meant to be similar. But I believe that the lyricist doesn't have any other "better" way to explain the situation. I feel sad seeing this (I don't deny it is good if you take the comparisons at face value) deterioration of expression in tamil film lyrics.

BTW, fantastic blog...I love the pictures - apart from being beautiful, they're apt :-) Hats off.

- Anand

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Hi anand,
Thank you so much for your patient comment! Guess am seeing you around here for the first time..I found your POV on the lyrics quite different and never imagined this song would rake up this much of a controversy! :p..I really can't fight and tell you gotta accept that this song is good..

But just this, that amidst songs like "vaadi vaadi..kaipadaadha cd.." and the like, this one is among the better lot..

Am glad you liked the blog and the choice of pics! thanks again for your comment!

Devarajan said...

i love this song and maalare mounamae .. awesum lyrics love it simply :)