Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What if..

What if I hadn't started blogging?

What if I hadn't called myself Anupama Viswanathan?

What if I had a nick name and blogged?

What if I stopped blogging now?? :O

Geeh..I am in such a crazy mood now..:D..Feel like I am almost drunk!!

Jesus, somebody help me...!!! :|

PS: Happy Diwali folks!! Shall hopefully follow this up with a sane post..:)


biju said...

What if I hadn't called myself Anupama Viswanathan?

Is that a pseudonym?

>What if I stopped blogging now?? :O

A lot of us will lose a blog in our daily reading list. One of the looked-forward-to blogs.


Is it the rainy-day blues?

Sriram said...

Welcome to the real world ;)..

யாத்திரீகன் said...

>>> What if I hadn't started blogging?

may be you could have lived your real life to 1 more core....

may be you couldnt have realized there are so many perspectives on a single idea (fellow blogger comments)

may be you could have njoyed the rain and the chocolates more :-)

>>> What if I hadn't called myself Anupama Viswanathan?

i dont think, a bloggers profile matters a most (but it may have been a reason, but it isnt a sole reason)

>>> What if I had a nick name and blogged?

may be you would have been know more popular than now :-))))


RS said...

Happy Diwali, Anupama :) More fun to read posts when you are in a crazy mood ;)

gAMe said...

Ahem all is fine ... but what u stop blogging..?? thats bad.....initially I thought finally smone moved to wordpress but then only template seem to be hacked for blogspot....I m so much in dilemma to move to this from that c ya arnd

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

Happy deepavali to u..:)

~phobiac~ said...

hey...whatz with the what ifs ??

Diwali spl mood eh ?..

anyways wish u a sweet and explosive diwali !!

Vani Viswanathan said...

Someone's been to crazy town!! :)

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Hey Biju..it isn't raining here anymore!! It's just one of those crazy days! :)

Sriram, yeah, yeah, am almost back! ;)

Senthil, I think you can become a lecturer!! You indeed have patience to reply to my mindless questions..Thanks a ton!! :)

RS, Thanks!! hope you had a good time too..(if I understand things right, this diwali's special to you, isn't it?? :))

Game, to stop blogging was a passing thought..I was just wondering what would happen to 'me' if I stopped blogging..

Vijay Ramamurthi, good to see you after a long time..Thanks and happy deepavali to you too! :)

Phobiac..no special mood and all year..Is there something special about being crazy?? :O

Hey sissy, yup I have indeed been to the crazy town!! :p

mo said...

Who the hell is Anupama Vishwanathan?

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Mo, I knew this had to be you, leaving a comment like this!! And I don't know Anupama Vi'sh'wanathan either!

Prabhu Aryan said...

Nick Namethanavenumm..mmmmm..enna vekarathu..."Dolly" might suit 4 u (courtesy: My cute pet doll ). Dont tell her, she might kick me of being copy cat...