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I am the Founder and Editor of Spark, an online literary mag aimed at having a fun-filled exploration of the Word,World and Wisdom. Creativity is the foundation on which Spark is built. Through writings, photographs, and art, the Spark team hopes to explore the 3 Ws and share the joys of its discovery with its wonderful readers.

Spark was first published in January 2010. Apart from writing, art and photography, Spark also features guest columns and interviews with popular personalities, including established and upcoming authors, journalists, performing artistes, publishers and others.

When I sit down to write a few words about Spark and my journey with it, I draw a blank. When you are deeply in love with something or someone, words generally fail. Silence indeed becomes golden then. I draw a deep breath and that sort of helps. Spark is a dream and then something more. Spark is a child that I have been so proud of, a child that I have nurtured with all devotion and positive energy, a child whose sole purpose from the beginning has been to enhance the lives of others through words, ideas, creative expressions and information, however small the change may be. And I would like to believe that she has been that through the last one year. She has toddled into the wide world into the hands of those who have loved her and has turned around and smiled at me every time- Look, they are happy and I am doing my job. And every time that she has gone out and returned, she has only grown closer to me in ways inexplicable. And her life and purpose are purely not my effort alone. I can’t thank enough, those many people who have embellished her in their unique ways in the last one year. Journeys are fun, for reasons more than one. But, this journey with Spark has been truly special, for with her, not only have I grown and evolved, I have also come to enjoy that wonderful feeling of having been useful to this world in some little way. I only hope and pray that this journey continues for many, many years to come!

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