Friday, September 16, 2011

Moving On...

All my written work including my most recent ones are now up at my website


Gayathri said...

Hi Anu and Vani,

I have been hooked on to both your blogs for the past five days and couldn’t find a better time to write this out to you. While I try hard to find the right words, I genuinely hope it does not sound like yet another spam to you.

I’m not a good writer and I have never tried this journal before, but fortunately I can read and write understandable English which I’m sure will be good enough to convey what I wanted to tell.

Last week I have given some test and scans for a cancer scare. My results are due tomorrow and I thought now is the best time to talk my heart out to you both before my life turns upside down tomorrow. (May be not! Fingers crossed). The anxious wait made me browse through internet randomly and that’s how I picked up your blog. Boy, you made me forget everything and kept me hooked on like anything. I dint regret missing all this for years since you started. I was able to catch up all of it in these five days. Literally every entry!

I should say I was a little proud about what I have done with my life so long, but after reading your works I feel so lost. I came from a decent tam Brahmin family with hard working parents. Life is not a fairy tale and mine was no exception. Dad lost big time on his business and took to drinking. Mom worked extra hard to manage food on table, but gave more priority in having me and my younger sister educated. We studied, got graduated and joined a reputed IT firm. Life began to settle down slowly. Now I’m married and settled in Australia with a husband who is very supportive of what I do. I’m not extra special in coding, neither did I have any stand out quality that I’m proud of. Yet I felt good about being where I am and doing what I do, until I bumped into your blogs.

I have no idea on what my results will look like tomorrow. Good or bad, I’m sure it is going to bring in a lot of changes in my life. I’m hoping for it to be good, that way I would get an opportunity to re-discover myself. If at all I do, I wouldn’t forget to give some credit to the two of you 

Finally, great work guys and it is just simply mind blowing! Keep going and my best wishes to Spark team.


Anu said...

I don't have words to thank you enough for such kind thoughts that you have shared on our writing, Gayathri. Comments like yours reinforce my belief that there's nothing more fulfilling than bringing joy to someone through your work, whatever your chosen field is - in my case, it is writing.

I can imagine what you must be going through now, and I just want to say this to you : No matter what, your dreams and your life are yours to chase! Do not give up.

I was so moved when I saw that you chose to speak to us at such a personal level. Thank you so much once again. All the best.

Anu said...


I saw your second comment on Vani's blog. Glad everything is ok! Chase your dreams!

Just another thing: I don't write on this blog anymore. I have my own website now in which I publish all my creative endeavours. If you wish to read more of my work or would like to contact me directly, please visit Life is Like That

Wishing you the very best and look forward to seeing you on my new website.:)