Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Lyrics that I fell for - II

Hmm..how about this? I would possibly call this a running series; this is an add on to an earlier post that I had published..This one is from "Pudiya Mugam" and the song is 'Kannukku Mai Azhagu' ..After great efforts of squeezing my brains in the morning to recollect the lyrics of both male and female versions of the song, I guess I was successful..Wanted to put it down before I forgot the lines again! :)..One of Vairamuthu's best and timeless works and something that I would cherish all my life..(Love those lines in italics).

The Male Version: (sung by Unnimenon):

kannukku mai azhagu
kavidhaikku poi azhagu
kannathil kuzhi azhagu
karkoondhal penn azhagu

Ilamaiku nadai azhagu, mudhumaikku narai azhagu
Kalvarku iravazhagu, kadhalrku nilavazhagu
nilavukku karai azhagu, paravaikku siragazhagu
avvaikku koon azhagu, annaikku sei azhagu..(kannukku)

vidikaalai vinazhagu, vidiyum varai penn azhagu
nelukku natrazhagu, thennaikku keetrazhagu
oorukku aarazhagu, urvalathil therazhagu
thamizhukku 'zha' azhagu, thalaivikku naanazhagu..

The female version (sung by P.Susheela):

The style of writing is changed a little bit here..(In the charanam the word 'azhagu' occurs only once in a given line, unlike the male version, where it repeats twice)

kannukku mai azhagu
kavidhaikku poi azhagu
avaraikku poo azhagu
avarukku naan azhagu

mazhai nindra pinnalum ilai sindhum thuli azhagu
alai meendu ponalum karai konda nurai azhagu

imai kottum vinmingal iravodu thaan azhagu
ilamaaran kannukku epodhum naanazhagu..(kannukku)

anandha manjathil avizhndhalum kuzhal azhagu
adayala muthathil azhindhalum pottazhagu

pennodu kadhal vandhal pirai kooda perazhagu
ennodu nee irundhal irul kooda oar azhagu..(kannukku)

Again, With due credits to the lyricist and whoever owns the copyright:)


biju said...

Indeed some beautiful lyrics.


Amrita said...

Hi anu again...hmm new lyrics somehow i can never forget manjal poosum.

Chakra Sampath said...

wah wah wah! 12 yrs after the song was released, reading it still gives the same pleasure.. all credits to our 'Diamond Kavi' (thats how the gossip columns refer him) :)

Krish said...

@Chakra: Isnt it dia"mandu"??, that he is called??..BTW, these are some of the wonderfull lines by him that would make any moment a cheerful one!!..True Anupama!!.very true!!`

Sriram C S said...

One of his very best...love the lines, ennodu nee irunthal irul kooda or azhagu...how very true!!

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Hi all,
Thanks for all ur comments..It is a lovely song indeed..The dia'mandu' kavi did show signs of greatness which i sometimes find missing in many of his other songs!!

nin said...

nice posting....

Sriram C S said...

!Anu - What you said is very true...sometimes I feel like killing him especially when he comes on TV for a poetry recital with his overly affeccted gestures! Pathetic! And I also hope he stops writing cannibalism in love (uyirodu ennai thinnu, uyirillAmal ennai thinnu, vega vachu ennai thinnu, etc.,)...A little bit of consistency might help!

Slice Of Life said...

i too liked song and also netru illatha matram ennathu
sweet lyrics

REFLEX said...

the song is too good. Sila vishayangalai nerla partha innum azhagu. Like "mazhai nindra pinnal ilai sindhum thuli".
Great Lyrics.
Next one is Anbe Anbe from Jeans.

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Avik, Thanks and welcome here..:)
Agnibarathi, advice to Vairamuthu on my blog??
hi uma, thanks for dropping by. I know, netru illadha matram is also a sweet song but somehow the lyrics don't sound natural unlike kannukku..:)
Reflex, so one more fan!!

JaganLee said...

Have listen to this humpteen number of times, but never concentrated on the lyrics.I'm pretty weak at it.
Excellant lyrics. My fav is 'Minnalai pidithu', from ShahJahan

rajesh said...

absoltely right. one of Vairamuthu's best. Execellent song. Brings back a lot of good memories for me. First time here :)

Sriram C S said...

@Anu - Ithu advise illai, aathangam!! ;-) (Adutha thalaivar padathula senti dialogueaa use pannalaam).

Vani Viswanathan said...

nice lyrics ya....(ennavo nee ezhudinamaari solren...anyways)
dia'mandu' kavi gives his best for very few people i guess....and his speeches in some ceremonies are awful!

Vinesh said...

Anu, thanks for bringing up these vaira varigal of Vairamuthu! Coming to your blog for the first time, I believe from Vani's blog. Heartening to see a blog on Tamil poetry! Hope to see many more from you.
Suggestion: YOu could try your hand at simple translation for the benefit of those who may see this and not know Thamizh.

Vinesh said...

My personal favourite lines in this poem are "Avaraikku poovazhagu..avarukku naan azhagu"

Thank God Susheela sang it. Today, if Sadhna Sargam (i despise her existence, so fans, please pardon) had sung it, just imagine..

Instead of:
"thamizhukku 'zha' azhagu,
thalaivikku naanazhagu.."

"Thamilukku Laa Alugu..
Thalavalikku Naa Alugu.."
(Aamaandi aamaa, thalavalikku dhaan nee azhagu!)

And male version by Udit...AyYYYOOOOooo!!!

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Jaganlee, good to see an old time visitor, after a long time! Thanks for yr comment. "Minalai pidithu" is also one of my favourites..nice lyrics!
Rajesh, welcome! :) and true, certain songs bring back loads of good memories! :)
Agnibarathi, :) romba aathanga pada vendam..
Vani! :)) seriously!! It all sounds as though I have written the lyrics!
Vinesh, Hi! Welcome here! :)I refrained from translating because I would kill the beauty of the song. Probably, someone can really translate it well, but I am not that person! :) and yes, I burst out laughing imagining how sadhana and udit would have killed the song!!! Seriously! :)

shady said...

dropping in here for the first time.
Haunting! - the closest, a single word can describe these lyrics for me.

I am almost tempted to copy your
'Lyrics that I fell for' idea :)
If it all I do, I'd probably start with 'pachai nirame' from 'Alai Payuthe'

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Mani,welcome here! :)..Hmm.."Haunting"..that really is a nice word to describe the feel of the song..:)...Yeah, Pachai nirame..nice lyrics again..but there is more literary weight in that song..

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Vairamuthu's lyrics...has amazed me in several of his tamil songs.! and also his kavidhai books.!

Glad we have such poets in our age.

saranyan said...

the onscreen chemistry is also great for this song. nice lyrics and wonderful composition by ARR.

யாத்திரீகன் said...

Hey just listen to Naetru Illadha Maatram Song from the same Pudiya Mugam Movie, thatz one gud song with a wonderful lyrics for VM.

KB said...

beatiful lyrics... gud taste

Anonymous said...


Love this song! Can someone *please* post the translation for the female version?
It will help me appreciate the song better, as I don't speak Tamil.

BTW, I found the following translation for the male version on another site:
: Mascara beautifies the eye, poetic license to a poem
: Dimples beautify a cheek, as does dark long hair on a girl
: Action is appropriate for youth, as is wisdom(grey hair) for the old.
: The thieves welcome the night, while the lovers welcome the moon.
: The river banks add beauty to the moon, as wings do to a bird
: Avvaiyars hunch adds beauty, as does a kid to a mom
: Early morning sky is a beauty, as a girl is till the sun rises
: husk is the beauty of a grain, shade is the beauty of a porch
: The river a beauty of a city, the chariot in a procession
: 'zha' is the beauty of tamizh, i am the beauty of my wife.

Yes, I am sure a lot is lost in translation, but something is better than nothing..


brownmystique said...

Thanks for the translation. I always liked the tune, but the translation of the lyrics really blows me off!
"thamizhukku 'zha' azhagu, thalaivikku naanazhagu.. " ~~ i am the beauty of my wife (aww..if only men actually! thought like that.. oh well it's always nice to at least listen to heavenly stuff like that hehe

thanks Amit for the post.

Muthuramanan said...

Can Someone PLEASE do an total english translation for this and netru illatha matram???

I love the music but forget the meanings as i begin to lose my tamil skills

R.B said...

great music. please post the lyrics of 'minnale pidithu' of shahjahan film. I love that song.

Thamim said...

Wow..what a site. At an hour close to midnight, i was searching for the lyrics of songs from pudhiya mugham.. and landed here. Will sure come back for more. If you have a mailing list, then please add me. its greyingtower@hotmail.com