Friday, August 26, 2005


Am finally here, I beamed
In a world that I dreamed
When I saw grandma's lip curl
And say it is a baby girl..

Unfamiliar it all seemed
As all the men screamed
This day that I bloomed
They said all was doomed..

Where first cries were treasured
In angry voices they were buried
We want her no more, they said
It's only ill luck I bred..

I meant good to none
Save her, the only one,
One, who would stop to bother
She, my poor dear mother..

Yet, I felt her palm moisten
Momma,not this bad, bitter poison
Momma, give me your goo' food
Pray, why should I be done for good?

Minds crooked and bent, O'Gracious Death
Tell me, is this life's worth?
This world, I know, I shall never miss
Please silence me, with your kiss..

Monday, August 08, 2005

Of brownies, hot chocolate and nut crunch! :)

And add some Kurkure to it, to spice up a perfect weekend delight! I ain't a food connoisseur but

- Isn't it a pleasure when you have a slab of brownie with walnuts generously strewn all over it and when you sink your teeth into it, a stream of thick chocolate flows like nectar out of nowhere. And before you realise, the slab has melted almost magically in your mouth..

- Isn't it a joy when you have steaming hot chocolate sitting inside a Barista outlet to beat the dampness outside..And you get to smell the unbeatable aroma of roasted coffee seeds ( Yeah, I hate coffee but not the aroma!)..

- Isn't it a delight when you have a single scoop of Baskin and Robbin's "Nut Crunch" icecream in absolute silence, sitting at Marine Drive when the cool evening breeze just ruffles your hair reminding you of dad's rare yet most treasured display of affection, as though he watched his young girl merrily finish her icecream off and ruffled her hair to give her that warmth of love..

- Isn't it priceless contentment when you lie down on your bed munching Kurkure and closing your eyes, listening to Sudha Ragunathan's brilliant rendering of "Thaye Yashodha", Kalyani Menon's Thodi Alaap and Rajesh Vaidhya's one minute Veena Performance..

Bliss, in a 'nut' shell. Simple Pleasures, for which I would pay anything..:)

Friday, August 05, 2005


Fluttering lashes
Dreamy eyes
Cherry lips
Flashing smile

Slender waist
Tender hands
Butter skin
Long legs

Dazzling skirt
Jingling anklets
Heavenly grace
Pretty woman

(Only left with..)

Lifeless living
Hurting shame
Unspoken word
Pricking pain

Cloudy eyes
Pearly drops
Deadly void
Cruel fate

Freezing gaze
Healing touch
Dream man
Beyond reach

Caressed dreams
Unfulfilled desires
Everyone's woman
Yet noone's..