Friday, August 26, 2005


Am finally here, I beamed
In a world that I dreamed
When I saw grandma's lip curl
And say it is a baby girl..

Unfamiliar it all seemed
As all the men screamed
This day that I bloomed
They said all was doomed..

Where first cries were treasured
In angry voices they were buried
We want her no more, they said
It's only ill luck I bred..

I meant good to none
Save her, the only one,
One, who would stop to bother
She, my poor dear mother..

Yet, I felt her palm moisten
Momma,not this bad, bitter poison
Momma, give me your goo' food
Pray, why should I be done for good?

Minds crooked and bent, O'Gracious Death
Tell me, is this life's worth?
This world, I know, I shall never miss
Please silence me, with your kiss..


Vani Viswanathan said...

it's nice!
but very sad!

Krish said...

This is what is going on in many parts of the country, including our very own TN...Your work here captures the flow nicely...but thinking beyond poetry, this bane had to be driven out from the face of amount of laws, but education and societal appreciation to the issue would do it..There had to be some way of doing that..especially in the rural areas, where this is more prevalent..not that it is not in urban areas- infact, it is higher in areas around Salem.

biju said...

It's a cruel thing bred by many other socio-economic factors. Sad yet true.

Anu, that was a chilling and well-worded reminder of a problem that many choose to ignore.

Rathish said...

Well written Anu :)

On a tangential note, we have started something called the BITS Blogger Awards, the details are in the BITS blog site.. We have a preliminary list of categories now. Do take a look and let me know what you think :)


Chakra Sampath said...

Very nice but very sad!

As Krish says, its a shame that this attitude is still prevalent among the ppl.. Salem & Dharmapuri belt is notorious for this kinda attitude.

mo said...

Nice really! Aren't you happy I am not being nasty for a change. But that;s all it is. Change!

Will be back to normal soon.

Anupama Viswanathan said...

vani dear, it is meant to be sad, it isn't a happy thing am talking about!! :)

Krish, lots of points there and I do agree with all of them..All of us talk about bad situations like this and say something needs to be done about it..But I wonder how far we can go with changing a situation that is so rooted in the society. There have been great inroads made into developmental journalism but I still feel such a situation would take ages to get resolved..

Biju, thanks! Yup, talk about socio economic factors..It's sad that life is not given its true worth!

Rathish, Thank you! :) Yes, I shall check out the link soon..Have been really tied up with work of late..Sadly abandoned my blog, yet to visit so many people's blogs..:(

Chakra, thank you..Yeah, I know it is a very sad thing to happen..and though I write about it, I can't tell you how helpless I feel about this..

Mo, there you go! :) I am sooo glad that you are nice to me, for once..But I ain't the good blog dotter still, for am yet to visit your blog, despite those reminders..I shall drop by soon..!!

Nyscha said...

hey this one is a beauty!!!its really very good stuff.very touching and realistic.u managed to capture emotions of all parties really well.way to go!


Sriram C S said...

The picture blended very well with the poem!

Krish said...

True!!Very True!..Indeed, as I was making that comment too, I thought on the same always with every social change, it takes not just courage and bend of mind, but also loads of patience and perseverance!..How many of us(including me) have any of these(or all of these)...Hope this scourge will be off soon!

Eroteme said...

Very well written! I really liked the way the last stanza goes... You really are good here... :-)

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Nyscha..Thanks so much for your comment! You really sent me on a high! :)

Agnibarathi, I am glad someone noticed the picture..I chose the pic for various reasons, for I could interpret it in ways so connected to the subject! :)

Krish, glad we concur!

Eroteme, Thank you!:) The last stanza was the first thing I wrote, when I started off..and it is dear to me as well! :)

Sriram C S said...

I chose the pic for various reasons, for I could interpret it in ways so connected to the subject That is the sign of a good picture, a good poem or any good work of art.

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

Sad, but tru :(

sumant said...

I can't decide whether to comment on the theme or the poem; the former is easy and the latter is dangerous, so I'll play safe. Female infanticide is an unfortunate aspect of our society, born as much out of financial circumstances as of gender-based prejudices. Maybe we'll get people to learn that it's not all bad. Someday.

Sriram said...

Yes, don't look surprised.. me is really here :D... now now.. is it the fact that you are a Journo that makes you write in this way, or is it because you write this way that you ended up as a Journo?

(Wow, that's a question ain't it? or is it one of those self-fulfilling things?) anyways, wonderfully written.. keep writing!

Kumari said...

Like Eroteme has already said, the last stanza does stand out :)

Chez said...

Cool, touches the heart Anu. Keep blogging... we dont see u often here in blogworld...??

MrGonSings said...

Hola Anu!

Just as sad as moving...
But then... Is there is any other way to speak of such a terrible truth? Probably not.

About all that is required to face this problem, even the smallest contribution will always be better than doing nothing at all.

(BTW, very nicely written!)

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Agnibarathi, :)

Vijay ramamurthi, is sad!

Sumant, :) REALLY are playing safe and you make me so curious when you say, it is a danger to comment on the poem! Well..

Sriram..I don't know the answer myself!! :)) Don't want to think too much & bother my head..;)..Thanks for your comment..

Kumari..Thank you! :)

Magnus Astrum, Thank you! :) Yep, my blogging activity seems to be suffering quite badly..I am making a plan where I can visit people's blogs in batches..;)

Hello Mrgonsings! Yeah, may be you are right; something is probably better than nothing! (Sigh!)

(BTW, thank you so much!) :)

sumant said...

I'm the kind who tends to talk mechanics in poetry more than just a little bit. Agnibarathi will be the best judge of whether I make sense or not. The reason I call it dangerous is because there is a common (mis)conception that poetry is "emotional" and should not be discussed technically or critiqued with regard to any perspective other than emotional input. Obviously, I think that's nonsense, so I don't do poetry analysis on blogs unless specifically asked to do so.

Sriram C S said...

Agnibarathi will be the best judge of whether I make sense or not. I'll take that as a compliment, Sumant!! :)
@Anu - You should let Sumant comment on the poem, his suggestions and improvisations are really good!! And ona tangential line, myself and Ganesh are working on something on my BLOG. Do check it out!!

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Mutual recommendations..Very well..An experimental piece does invite comments from all angles..So,

Sumant, no body stops you from sharing your critical comments on poetry..You are most welcome to do so, but I would prefer to take it offline, because there are certain ideas about your comment that I contest..

Agnibarathi, I will check out your blog soon..

~phobiac~ said...

hey nice write....esp the pic et all....looks really touching....


Anupama Viswanathan said...

Hi Phobiac, Thanks!:)

sumant said...

Offline, or just off blog?

Either way, I'd like to know where, exactly. :)