Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dil Se..

Sometimes life could give you nothing but pain; it couldn't hurt worse..

For he suddenly landed from nowhere, giving all that somebody could ever give, in unbounded measures; countless smiles, sweet nothings aplenty, a warm presence all time, even without being around, leaving her utterly pampered, letting her be the lucky star, his sweet little kid..

And as the days rolled by, the sweet addiction went on a high, till a drop slowly came upfront; and when every previous day felt better than the present, when silence, emptiness and uneasiness hung over conversations, when what came without asking, now promised to come, but after a demand, she knew things were never the same again..

And what was it but her own ego, that yearned for his attention, but still refused to accept that he was being missed, with all that being left behind to hug were those warm memories, a defeated feeling and the silence that came with it all; and she, who would never blame him but herself for getting so involved, waited and waited, with all her hope, for she still liked him, immensely..


Eroteme said...

Hmmm. Nice piece.
I wish she gets him back but then sometimes a special person is like a cool breeze; meant to be enjoyed while it lasts and to be remembered but never held in one's grasp! I dunno, I usually believe in that. But why blame anyone? He pampered her, she enjoyed it and got involved. Sounds fine enough without anyone getting blamed, right?

Sriram C S said...

Reminds me of Asha and Mahendra's initial relationship in Choker Bali...perhaps there is a Binod bauthan hidden somewhere in this story!! :)

Vinesh said...

I like only happy endings for love stories..

So he will come back and they will end up together..

Naduvule maane thaene ponmaane ellaam serthukkalaam :-)

Anonymous said...

beautiful..very real :) yams

Kumari said...

Dunno how i missed this :(
There is a thin line that separates prose from poetry and this is one piece which is more of latter....Beautiful :)

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Thanks a ton PonC..I am glad you took the time to leave this comment..:)