Sunday, November 20, 2005

The gift

Deep crimson, streaks of gold; a bulging cloud coddling the orange ball..Two dozen birds, miniature marvels, gliding across, with messages from heaven..

"Slowly, steadily, you descend and drop,
next to me, you go hip-hop..
Fragile bird, with a pallid wing,
what message do you bring?"

I hear a grumble; What is it? Is it you, my stomach? Nope, can't be, for I just fed you..this glass, a proof..

Ah, serene, sensual, surreal; succour, I succumb to thee; Bach and Mozart, Masters of the art! Will you forgive me, this son of thee?? - Sinful, sinning, sinner..

"And there sings a distant lark,
thro' the frills of dark..
O'ye lark in mad mood,
what d'ya sing - The Art of Fugue?"

"Ah yet another bereaved lover..," mutters the man in guard, walking by..

"O' dear sir, I ain't lost a lover,
but a lovely, beautiful daughter..
She was born this day,
but fate snatched her away.."

"I raise my violin, play her tune,
gathering memories, that are strewn..
Heavenward wind, carry with you,
this father's tune, to her, my due.."


Rustic said...

Simply 'beautiful'...Loved it!

Nyscha said...

hey this one's really good :-) great job


Anupama Viswanathan said...

Rustic..Thank you! I am glad you found it 'beautiful'..(the word reminds me of the marine drive sunsets!!) :)

Nyscha, thank you, thank you and peace! :)

biju said...

Wonderful, anu!

It's brilliant, the way you have mixed prose and poetry.

I bow :-)

Manoj said...

??? I can't understand anything. Is it a problem with me or is it just natural?

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Biju, thank you! :)

I don't know whether not understanding amounts to a problem and I don't understand the second part of ur question..

But if this would help - this post is just an attempt to mix prose and poetry..It's about a father who is a professional violinist who has lost his daughter and this particular day is her birthday, but she is no longer around..He is drunk and he plays the violin in her memory..

hellboy said...

I went trhough the poem real fast without trying to understand what it conveys, as i do with all poems. Then i came to the comments section and saw people say great things about it.

I went back and tried to read it slowly so that i can get the meaning, man was it a good decision or what. awesome, its great. never could i write anything like this in a million years :-)

DD said...

Violin reminds me of you. And a poem on that...what can I say? Loved the prose-poetry mix too :)

Amrita said...

hi anu,

that was moving!! another one by u? if so, then consider making poetry a full time profession.

the Monk said...

that was a great post...

Manoj said...

oh! that's nice then.

Manoj said...

Hey I play the violin too. May be one day i'll get married. Then i'll have a daughter. Then i'll lose her. I'll get drunk. And i'll play in her memory.

he he ... jus kiddin (Isn't that a cool way to enjoy a poem?)

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Hellboy, thanks for reading thro' it fast and then again, slowly! :)

DD, thank you..glad u liked this..:)

Amrita, thanks for your comment..
"another one by u?" - :O..u don't believe it?? Btw, if I made that a full time profession, I am sure I would start hating what I am enjoying right now! :)

the monk, thanks for dropping by..glad you liked it..:)

Manoj, Thank you..What more do I say? Should I feel glad that this post gave you such a futuristic idea? :|

Manoj said...

Yeah yeah you should. (is the tendency to enjoy the comments section more than the actual blog itself, a natural thing?)

Vanathi said...

Good poem...

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Vanathi, welcome and thank you!

MrGonSings said...

I love it!

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Mrgonsings, :O..thanks, but why are you winking? Is that a sarcastic comment?? :(

MrGonSings said...

Oh, please!!!
Not at all Anu!!!
I't's just a wink to keep up the good writing! :)
A wink here in Spain could ve either both supportive or sarcastic... I definitely meant the first!... Culture differences, I guess (oh, girl!!, being from Chile, believe me is not the first time I get in trouble because of them!)... Now I feel guilty... Guess I'll just have to retreat in a hidden cave and disappear for the rest of my days!! ;)

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Mrgonsings, :)..please don't feel guilty..I was merely wondering what it meant..and you don't have to retreat into a cave..your comments do matter a lot! :)