Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tagged, yet again!

Ok, am tagged again, by Agnibarathi..so, here I go!!

Seven things you plan to do before you die

Buy a lancer and take my parents around
Get into developmental journalism
Own a small library of my own
Write stories for children
Go on a European tour
put on weight ;)
and of course, freak out!

Seven things you can do

I can..

eat pastries
care immensely for those who I love
write pages and pages of nonsense
crib like crazy and throw tantrums
enjoy sweet nothings in life
be a patient listener
work really, really hard

Seven things you say most

I say..

Shut up
Very funny
Chalo, gtg
romba nalladhu

Seven things you can't do

I can't..

watch hindi serials
go without sleep
eat non veg
drink coffee
stay without books, music and writing
stand people who act too smart
wear heavy make-up

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex

6 feet height
Mischevous eyes
deep voice

Seven celebrity crushes

Narayan Murthy
Pete Sampras

And let me tag..

S m i t h a


rsubras said...

Whatz this Super Seven game?

Nice and interesting


Sriram said...

Looks like someone's back to regular blogging! nice to see you back!

MrGonSings said...

hola ANU! :)
Nice list..
Who is it that you have to "shut up" all the time? ;)

Crush on Pete Sampras came sort of unexpected (well, he does have a nice smile really)

Keep enjoying the (big) sweet nothings of life!

Sriram C S said...

You eat pastries and haven't yet put on weight? I guess we are among the few blessed in that category!!! Just tried reading all the stuff that you can say continuously, sounded funny - Nonsense shut up please... :)

~phobiac~ said...

hey whats with this deep voice thing.....every1 seems to want that ....

S m i t h a said...

6 feet huh? damn! just missed by inches :(
btw - me completed ur tag :D

biju said...

ur like europe too, yeah. Cool. Guess what? Me in the UK now. Hope to get a glimpse of Europe sometime, but with all the visa process looks very bleak...

Anyway, I've completed your tag (I think).

Anupama Viswanathan said...

r.subra, this super seven game is a tag!! I am sure you would have seen it in many blogs.

Sriram, you still feel, am back to regular blogging?? :P..

Mrgonsings, the 'shut up' is obviously directed towards someone who talks too much..;)..Why was the crush on pete unexpected?

Agnibarathi, actually I do say things in that sequence!!

Phobiac, what is this 'everyone wants that'?? Did all girls tell you this?? :)

Smitha, yes 6 feet!! I think it's a great height..NVM..u needn't put sad smileys like that..:)..

Biju, Yup, I love Europe (from what I have seen!)..It's always been one of my long time wishes to go on such a tour! :)

Suudhan Rangarajan said...

Hello?? Is anybody home??
I am looking forward to read something from this space..
busy at work kya?

Vinesh said...

Thanks for tagging me Anu! :-) I've just posted the taglist on my site, do check it out! This tag seems to be the biggest one going around :-)

Developmental journalism! What is that? Very "intelligent sounding" :-)

~phobiac~ said...

"Did all girls tell you this?? :)"

not really....my voice is not bad...jus that most o the girls I know...are crazy bout the way a guyz voice sounds....

and most of the guys I know like a girlz voice if tis shrill and high...prefer a raspy voice though...demi moorez..? like that....

Sriram C S said...

Deep voice...like how about speaking from a well 50 feet deep. Is that deep enough? ;)

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Suudhan, yeah very busy..suddenly people @ office have decided that I need to slog for the money i get..:P..

Vinesh, yes i did check out your tag..the journalism i spoke about is to do with rural reporting (poverty, illiteracy and stuff)..

Phobiac, let all girls say what they say..and let all guys hold what they hold..But, may your dream come true!! ;) :P

Agnibarathi, if you can manage to survive in a well that is 50 feet deep, the idea sounds great!

Sunita said...

Have been following your blogs for sometime. Good read always :).

Btw, A deep voice always wants you to find out who the guy is ...works on me.


Twin-Gemini said...

The first desi car that I liked was Maruti Esteem and I had thought that will be my first car. But before I could start earning, got of the desh! :-)

Cant agree more with you on the Europe trip. Was in the UK two weeks back and thoroughly enjoyed it.

So the Titan watch was a gift from someone?...On your birthday?

Sriram C S said...

To put it in Lewis Caroll's words, I have to be well in the well to speak like that!! :P

Nyscha said...

oh my lord! :-D amen to "seven things that attract u to the opp sex"!!! :-D btw is 7 ur lucky number or somethin?:-)
take care

Shiva said...

another yanni fan!!
and u cant drink coffee !!!!!!! How ever can u survive ?!

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Hi!:) good to see you after a long time..Titan watch - gift?? Nobody gives me such expensive gifts..:(..I got it all by myself! :(

Agnibarathi, good, so long as you are comfortable with the idea!

Nyscha, 7 isn't my favourite no. It's just a part of the tag that is going around..

Shiva, yes I love Yanni..and I can survive without coffee..Well, I think I am alive now..:P