Saturday, March 12, 2005

Err… Blogger errs!

Yesterday morning, I opened my blog, clicked on the comments and I got this alarming message, “The blog that you are looking for is not found” or something to that effect and it gave this huge button, that said, “Back to dashboard” and I dashed back to my ‘dashboard’. Strangely enough, it wanted me to login to see my own comments!! How funny!

I thought something was terribly wrong with my blog. Panic!! Worse still, it was intuitions coming true for me!! Just the day before, I was wondering what would happen if the entire blogger system crashed. Mo assured me it wouldn’t happen and I felt safe and secure! And now, it seemed to be coming true! I have seen Orkut going down many times, cutely responding, “Bad bad server. No donut for you.”, but Blogger, this is the first time! (not that I have too much blogging experience, but still..)

On Mo’s advice again, I mailed blogger support too, telling them I can’t comment on my own blog and others as well. I also got my sis to do some R & D on it, at 12 in the night (S’pore time!)

Oh well, in between all that confusion, I managed to do something useful too. I finally (FINALLY) managed to add links to other nice blogs that I visit. (Blogfather, aren’t u happy and proud of me??).

Meanwhile, blogger support mailed me back sweetly today morning and I just couldn’t help appreciating the prompt response. The mail below,


Thank you for reporting this error. We are working on getting the comment
pages up and running normally again as soon as possible. We apologize for
the inconvenience.

Blogger Support”

Thankie blogger, the comments do seem to be back!!


Vijay said...

Blogger support does respond. Sometimes with my problems, they replied (days later) "Aha! We see you have figured things out by yourself. Keep blogging!"

Enough about that. Looks like the much hyped fall back on the "google infrastructure" will bear fruit soon.

Links welcome. Mine, even more. Comments work.

saranyan said...

I hope they improve their systems, else we'll be getting no more donuts (Blogger and Orkut are owned by google).

Kay said...

I was jus thinkin what happens when this blogspot becomes paysite one day, in that case what will happen to my posts...
When the doodleboard failed all the comments in it were lost.
Just a random thought.....
Regarding the problem u had, i had it too...

Me said...

Came thru saranyan.

I too experience the same problem yesteday but too tired to mail blogger support. I knew they will do something about it.

Kay - "blogspot becomes paysite one day"
- I think this will not happen in near future. Down the lane blogspot will become a paysite. Nothing comes for free :(

Sriram said...

cool....its good to know about blogger support being prompt. thanks for the link btw... :)

MrGonSings said...

I have been in absolute BLOGLESSNESS for over a week due to internet connection problems both at home and my work... And then what happened?... Blogger features start crumbling... It's definitely not a good week... Funny that I have not been able to post comments for over three days until now and you just started having problems yesterday... Some US blogs I often visit had also been having problems for quite a few days... You were lucky after all,

Vijay said...

Every one calm down. Google has enough resources to keep going for ages. We all, just by blogging, are paying google. Remember that Google is a searh engine. Google bought because it had such a major userbase. Google has been wise by not forcing advertisements on blogspot blogs. They will have to be really stupid to lose all this.

JaganLee said...

It happened b4, but this time it took long for them to bring it back.

S m i t h a said...

i take full responsibility


Amrita said...

Welcome Home Anu, I was facing exactly the same problem on the very same day to the best of your knowledge, wondering what to do. Thanx for acting on our behalf and reporting to the fellows.

Amrita said...

Welcome Home Anu, I was facing exactly the same problem on the very same day to the best of your knowledge, wondering what to do. Thanx for acting on our behalf and reporting to the fellows.

Chakra Sampath said...

It was the case for most of Friday & Sat. Still I find the error in some blogs (wonder y it happens to few specific blogs..).
Funniest thing is the case of my friend, who after months of thinking decided to start his blog on friday.. what a day he chose to do that. :))) He was never able to get things right and has gone back to shell..

btw, thanks very much for the link.. wd appreciate if you could make the link point to rather than to the page beneath the frames. Ta.

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Vijay (Mo)..thanks for all that technical guidance!!
Saranyan, Kay - those are fears that I often have, but Mo seems to have answers for them too!
Jaganlee, that is news for me; can be attributed to the fact that I am fairly new to the blog world.
Mrgonsings!! You are back!!:) I am glad!:)

Sriram, you are welcome:)

Smitha.. Thanks for your "note" section :). I am sorry if we made you feel homesick!:)..Btw, "Thani oru manidhanukku unavu illai enil indha jagathinai azhithiduvom!!":)..Am happy to see Bharati there on the post!

Amrita, I know, we 'bravely' faced it together!!:)

Anupama Viswanathan said...

hi chakra..I have changed it..:). Do check if its ok! Sorry abt that, I think I was getting too specific in the link..:)
Bad luck for ur friend, i hope he has started atleast now!:)

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Oh "Me"..Welcome!:)..I am literally sleepin over my comp and I forgot to welcome you!!

REFLEX said...

I had the same problem and I know that may be because of some maintenance. So I jsut waited for another day to get it solved by itself. Good effort. Thanx from fellow bloggers.