Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Where I talk about the real ‘me’

I realise I have talked very little about myself in the last few weeks (or has it been months?). Hence, I have decided to put my stories, poems and all those other stuff aside for a while and talk a little about what’s been happening with me. An extemporaneous effort, hopefully without sounding like a rigmarole!

Nothing very important but nothing unimportant either. I was surprised by a strange phenomenon. Suddenly quite a few people that I know have asked me questions (through Orkut and phone calls) in their own styles, but with an underlying theme that could be framed thus: “How has married life been treating you?” and I got back to them saying more or less, “Yeah, splendid”. And it all happened in a week, when one of the dates coincided with the completion of six months of our married life.

I have to admit I have learnt a lot in these six months. Reflective as it may seem and sound, living with a partner alters one’s lifestyle from what it was when one remained single. It’s so much fun sharing one’s joys, sorrows and fears with a special person where adjustments, compromises made with the right temperament contributes in a big way to a harmonious life together.

There is a thin line that runs between what you would want to do and what your hubby desires and I think if one is smart enough, she should be able to strike the right balance between the two. Like, eating upma, for instance ;). I have hated the very prospect of eating that silly dish for years and I would run miles from the kitchen when I got a hint of it being prepared by my mother. But I cook the same thing for him, these days. And the best (or worst?) thing is: I eat it as well. But halfway through, seeing me struggle, he would kindly ask me to drop the idea. :D. Well, that’s fun. But, the fact is, it could be extrapolated to larger issues that tend to crop up in people’s lives together.

Oh, we have been doing tremendous shopping at Shoppers Stop. Logically speaking, we shouldn’t be talking about clothes for couple of months to come. Nevertheless, I know, we will and may be even go a step further to redo our wardrobes. :D.

Did I miss out “Vettayadu Vilayaadu” in between all this? :O. Oops, I loved the movie, the thrill, the immense change that it brings to the kollywood world which is otherwise increasingly being loaded with silly, soapy, sentimental scripts! Kamal Haasan dons the role of a smart cop and man, he really is, after all those ‘in between humour based movies’ of his. Jyothika does a subdued role and breezes through the movie. But the real eye catcher of the film is the characterization of the villainous men. The Diro-man really makes you hate them. Definitely worth a watch, if you are the sorts who can tolerate a little bit of gruesome scenes and violence.

Lord Ganesha alias Vinayaka better be happy :p. We celebrated his day in all its splendour and made his favourite kozhakattais, sundal, vadai, idlis, payasam and a full course meal! I don’t know whether He really ate it all and felt happy but our friends surely did. My friend was home within an hour of me telling him we made kozhakattais. Hey, you better treat me someday for this!

What’s more? I am now happily listening to a beautiful playlist on winamp and typing this away. But caution soon warms up the insides of this not so bright head. No more of these stretched out, relaxed happy days. No more of those afternoons when hubby comes home for lunch. No more of leisurely book reading, for I report for work (again, after a break of eight months) in exactly one week!


Harish said...

Wow..the phase of getting used to each other in marraige eh?Remember reading abt the same written artfully in Jumpa Lahiri's novel. Frankly at times it gives me creeps :-)

Pavithra said...

" ...where adjustments, compromises made with the right temperament contributes in a big way to a harmonious life together" - true ;-). Beautiful words !!

Vani Viswanathan said...

I'm just smiling away to glory! (don't know why :D )
Delighted you're living life, sis! (btw, how did you miss mentioning Forum and Landmark ;))

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Harish, Ohh..even Jhumpa Lahiri wrote similar things! :D..Btw, why should you be so scared? :O

Pavithra, glad we concur! :)

Vani, :D...hush, hush!! we had been to Forum and Landmark only yday, hours after typing this post! :D

mysorean said...


Congratulations on your marriage and completing six months! :)

Lovely post!

All the best for a happy and peaceful married life! May God Bless You!

Yet to watch V.V!

rakesh said...

:)...congrats on completing six months. nd hey...even i hate the upma.

Parvati said...


Sunita said...

hey beautiful post as usual & I didnt realize you got married while I was busy reading and commenting on your posts here :)

Wish you a happy married life!! (and even I hate upma)

Ramya said...

Am happy for u ! If any complaints, u know where to come ! :D
Make him read this ! :D :D :D
Plus Vani, i think Forum won't be taken into account,these guys go there every week ! Its like me visiting college! :P
Good luck on the job front! Go kick ass!

Anupama Viswanathan said...

@All: Many Thanks and smiles! :)

~/rajesh/~ said...

Congratulations on the 6 months. Some people might have enquired about it after seeing your orkut profile pic :-)
Good luck on your new job. Hope you would enjoy it (considering how much it is nearer to your shopping windows!)

யாத்திரீகன் said...

cool.. its a pleasure when you get to know that someone you know is happy and enjoying life.. :-) keep going..!!

(and the upma.. i think its a universal opinion ;-)

DD said...

so a biiig post to answer everyone, eh? :)

Cool... congrats & wish you a wonderful life ahead too, dear!

hmm... talking of upma, it's the other way round in my case... I really dont know why so many people hate it so much! :(

Anonymous said...

I've come to the hut after a hiatus of over a month. You should be truthful to your readers and not claim credit for those kozhakattais! But I'll definitely treat the person concerned for that! :)

- maverick

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Maverick, stop being mean to me! :p