Thursday, January 24, 2008

Many dreams and a promise

Come unto me my little one. I have been waiting for you all these days with anaemic fingers, tapping against each other like warring soldiers; and a breath weighed down with anticipation. How and what do I tell you, my son? Feeling proud has become a habit now. It is intoxicating, it really is, to silently watch you and then swell with pride – at all the things you do – the way you sleep, the way you roll your eyes, the way you smile, the way you hold on to me, the way you just remain what you are, a trait that many of us slowly start to lose as we move away from childhood.

I love holding your little fingers, the five pinkish petals of a tender rose from His garden. No, two little roses. I love running my hand over those soft creases on your hands and legs, the soft folds of flawless skin. I love drawing those neat curves, tracing my fingers over your tiny toes. I love calling you by various names – “Rolly Polly”, “Ingu Pingu”, “Softy Sweety”, “Lofty Softy”, “Chingu Mingu”, “Cutie Sweety” and “Kutty Kanna”. Kutty Kanna, your momma wants to tell you so many things. She just doesn’t know where to begin.

My little boy, there is so much to see in this world and so much to enjoy in life. Trust me, one lifetime isn’t enough! You know what all we can do – so many things. I will just offer you a glimpse of the world we can create for ourselves. These are flights of fantasy that I am making, with the wings of imagination. Very soon, this will be reality, for, you are the key. As you start to toddle, I will share your pride, I will offer you a hug when you walk into me. And soon, we will hold hands and walk together. We will rub noses, share surprise hugs, and exchange tender kisses on our cheeks. We will play little games that you will always win. We will recite nursery rhymes together, when we eat, when we lie down on the bed and whenever we seem to find the time; I will seat you on my lap and we will check out the big rhymes book that Papa has got for you.

And then, we will fly bright, chirpy kites that kiss the blue sky and speak to the sun. We will colour our lives with your red and my green and their many shades. We will discover new colours, explore the big palette and dab on. We will strangle fears to death and burn to ashes, the many negative feelings. We will nurture positive thoughts and build mental toughness. We will laugh our hearts out over the silliest of jokes. We will never miss a light moment and will try not to let a dull one seep in, as much as we can. We will pillow-fight. We will tease your Papa about his snoring. I am sure there will be times when you guys will gang up together. Your Papa is drawing up his own plans for you! And my best guess is that it is a world of games, gizmos, cars, dogs and movies!

For now, I will get going with what I have to share. When you get a little bigger, we will read out favourite passages from the books we read. We will grab sunshine with our hands; we will dance in the rain and waltz together on a moonlit night. We will star gaze on a clear night and go for a quiet jog on a pleasant morning. All the same, my dear, we are humans and we are here to defy the ideal. Let’s admit it. We will have our share of petty fights, and then apologize and embrace each other, only getting closer each time.

What’s more, we will exchange a secret sparkle between our eyes when you get your girl home. My boy, I am here to watch you grow and I will stay by your side, through the crests and troughs of your life. Remember, the silent pride will reside within me, no matter how old you are. I will walk down with you as long as my legs can carry on and then I will hold back and watch, as you advance in age and in your life.

You have come into my world and given it an altogether new meaning. And what do I have but my love and a promise to give in return? I want to make each day of your life special, in some little way and make you feel that this life is truly worth living and that, is this mom’s promise to you.

As I say all this, how much of it do you understand, I wonder! You look at me and beam a toothless smile that melts me to nothingness. You will, my dear, you will very soon understand – the many dreams and a promise of a proud mother.


Vani Viswanathan said...

Hey, baby boy, keep your mom proud of you all the time, ok? Be Good!

Suchitra said...

As I say all this, how much of it do you understand, I wonder!

When the time comes, I can only wonder how much Kailash (hope I got the name right!) will cherish and love this piece of writing! Loved the spirit. Am relatively new here, and I am finding the hut to be almost a second home. :)

whowrites said...

Yup, I second the previous comment :-) It will be a feeling of a lifetime for the toddler to grow up and read some brilliantly rendered sentences. Great to knowt that you are enjoying an important yet pleasant phase of your life now :-)
Hearty congrats!!!!

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Hey Vani,
"Chitti" leaves the first comment! :)..Yeah, he better be a good boy! :p

Suchitra, :). well that's what I did when I read your comment. Smiled wide! Thanks..yes, you got his name right! Please do keep visiting this humble hut! :)

whowrites, thanks a lot! Yeah, am really enjoying myself! :)

sethuraman.atisivan said...

Nice to read

~/rajesh/~ said...

I guess he is already one chamathu kutti, allowing you to blog a big post!

What’s more, we will exchange a secret sparkle between our eyes when you get your girl home.
lol, planned so much ahead ! :-)

அக்னிபாரதி said... all possibility Kailash is going to be embarrassed by this post and going to shout real bad at you when he grows up!

Nice cynical start after a long pause, eh? :-P

But then think of it - when you show this post to that girl he brings home, I'll bet my life, any son's ears will go red! :-)

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Sethuruman, well, thanks.

Rajesh, haha, yes! :), that statement has been made with the assumption that he will get a nice girl home. :)

Agnibarathi, :O, what is so cynical about this post? And why should he be embarrassed reading this?
I think you have lost the point of the post!! The post has been designed in the way you fantasise and tell stories to a kid!

அக்னிபாரதி said...

Cha, total confusion!!! I was referring to cynicism in my comment - am also back after a long pause!

I've not lost the point of the post. Was just thinking how the boy might feel after he grows up sees such mushy stuff - especially if he grows up to be say, a macho biker!

Joke, hint hint nudge nudge!! ;-)

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Awwwwww...! Agni! How did the writer in you let you do this?? ;)..communication gap!tut tut tut..(and guess what, my sis also came up with the same question - what is so cynical about the post? :O)

and about the mushy stuff..all grown ups will know that we talk only mushy stuff to kids and there is nothing to feel embarrassed about it - it is the treatment that phase deserves or so I think! :)

Macho biker, bah!! now you are demonstrating that you are a true writer! Imagination running wild! hahaha (yes got the joke!:))

அக்னிபாரதி said...

Not a communication gap actually. Memory lapse and overlooking more like it - it skipped my mind that you too were writing after a break. But hey, sometimes communication gap is the best thing a writer can have. The pieces that people like most from me are pieces that I never understood myself! :)

I wasn't saying skip the mushy stuff. I merely said it would be embarrassing for the kid when he grows up - which is perfectly alright. After all, what's the point in having parents if they don't embarrass you. I for one hope to be a parent that my child is totally ashamed of. ;-)

Macho biker, wild? Lady, in my land, a software engineer or a doctor would be wild. Scandalously wild!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anupama,
Nice post - could relate to every bit of it :-)

You know what - I try and try to read to Reva. But all she wants to do is take the book and put it in her mouth and then, crawl away as soon as possible!

Anyways, got some free time to surf today, hence the sudden ping.

Btw, send me some pictures!


Bhargavi said...

Aww! Thank you Anu :)

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Agni, the world has an interesting father to see! :). Btw, which of your blogs have you updated?

Deepa, :), thanks! I saw Reva's snaps..she is very sweet and seems full of mischief! Do visit the blog when you find the time! :)

Bhargavi, hey! *smiles smiles*

அக்னிபாரதி said...



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Gopal Sukumar said...

Imagination - 100 marks
Implementation - 100 marks
Style - 100 marks

I dont know if I deserve to give you ratings at all, but just tried my hands.

This can go into one of those English Prose Lessons for the ninth grade students and I would like to be the teacher just to teach this one. You know why? - I can read and explain every other sentence of the prose to my pupils and many of them are sure to be instilled. Hope one of those NCERT nerds or the syllabi-writers take a look at this.

Amazing write up; 3 cheers to you.

PS: I am not a teacher ;) and came to this hut for the first time and will continue to visit. hmm ... you know one of your blogs is 'shone' (as opposed to 'shown') up as first 10 search retrievals by Google. An extra cheer to you for that.

phew ... Let me bookmark the page before I forget :)

Satish (a.k.a) Bhaashaa said...

Hooooo, What on earth I was doing till such time without reading your blog. Ma'am, this cute little piece is considered to be the "Mother" of all conversations between a mom and her kid, I have ever read. Thanks to Suchitra's blog for referring me to your blog.