Monday, May 05, 2008

Naughty, Naughty, Cutie!!!

Children - they seem to be the theme of this blog these days!!! 'That isn't surprising', you think, don't you? Well, actually it is pure coincidence that this is a kiddo-post too!!!

This blog space has been rusting, literally, thanks to the really tight routine. And of course my son, who is getting all naughty these days! I have left three stories hanging - they have been pleading for attention which, I haven't been able to give thus far. Nothing to regret, but I thought I will at least try and make a comeback to blogging with this sweet pic that a colleague had mailed me recently. It is the sweetest photograph I have seen in many years. Take a look!

Otherwise, hope all is well out there!! :)


யாத்திரீகன் said...

nice to hear back anu especially about the kid :-)

do comeback as the time or your son permits you :-))

btw, the picture isn't visible

Sweta Parthasarathy said...

Welcome back Anu... how is the little one? Keeping you very busy? Fotos annupen...

Rags & I are kinda of settling down and doing good.

~ Sweta

MrGonSings said...

that pic sure is cute, cute, cute!!! i love it!!!
how is life going Anu??? hope beautiful things and happy moments keep surrounding u!!!
belated greetings on congratulations on your 3rd blogibirthday!!!... I have enjoyed so much reading you and watching you grow through these pages - well. we sorta of were born by the same webdays, now that I think of, you "engineer tourned into journalist now turned into a mommy" wonderful girl, haha!!

miss like hell not having time to blog anymore!!! I won't stop dropping by though, so please keep a chair for me!! ;)

Satish Bolla said...

is it the sweetest pic that u've seen in many years? well, in my case, it's one of the cutest photos i've ever seen. so cute, so innocent n at the same time, so romantic.

Biju said...

kiddo keeping you busy, huh??

nice picture.. kudos to whoever caught that moment.

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Yaathrigan, hey, good to see you after long! :) how are you doing?

Parthu Maa, What a surprise!! I didn't know you were blogging. Kiddo is doing good, will write a mail to you soon.

Satish Bolla, welcome! Glad you found the pic cute! :)

Biju, not just the kid, work, home, everything!!! How are you? :)

VV said...

The kids in the photo looks very cute :)

uma kumar said...

very cute pic

skullz said...

This sweet, cute pic as you call it, went around in my office so many times.. and you wouldn't want me to tell you that the converations(Chain mails & commnents) that started soon after took a real naughty turn :) This pic is naughy as well :D