Thursday, May 07, 2009

Some reasons to smile

1) I got a book for a gift after a long time. Gift wrapped and with a card that read "wishing you more reading time!" (How much I need it!)

2) I picked up three notebooks and a set of 12 Staedtler color pens - stationery after ages!(Although it is over four days since I bought the stuff, a warmth fills me up when I look at them even now! Perhaps, it is the warmth of pure joy!)

3) I rediscovered (almost!) two songs from the movie Pavithra yesterday - "Azhagu Nilave" and "Uyirum Neeye" (Looped in Winamp! They melt me each time!)

4) I changed my blog template last week - something that gives me the hope of another new beginning. (Post more regularly?!)

5) I finally put up something of a post - the first one for this year! (Smile, smile! Honestly, I wish I could manage more. I will try!)


netcraze said...

LTNS, Welcome back!

Ramya said...

First post this year ! Dear lord! You sure need more time ! :P

Ps: I was about to pick up color pencils also, but I wasn't sure if you had them already!

Ps1: Template looks fabulous and I shall take part credit for inspiration! :D

நிலாரசிகன் said...

Awesome template!

vaishnavi said...

Hey! Nice blog here :) I liked your post. It reminds me of how sometimes the best things in life are simple really. Sounds cliched but true :) Thank you for visiting my blog, I am glad you liked it :) I will definitely drop in again looking for posts and I hope you do too :) Keep writing!

Anupama Viswanathan said...

netcraze,thanks a lot!

Ramya, :D..guess what, am yet to read that book!!

Nilarasigan, thank you! :)

Vaishnavi, welcome here. I know am doing that pretty late. But, glad you dropped by! :)

Sweta Parthasarathy said...

Welcome back - love the new template! Btw, what book did you get and what are you reading now?

sethuraman.atisivan said...

Template looks very good

Eroteme said...

The template does look nice. Hope this new template goads you on to write more... :-) Hope all's well at your end.

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Sethuraman, glad you liked the template!

Eroteme, so good to see you here after long! Yes, I too hope I find the time and motivation to write more often! Am doing fine, thank you! :)