Saturday, January 02, 2010

Three more days to go!!

Well, yeah..three more days to go...Hit this link and get ready for a pleasant surprise that starts on the 05th of Jan 2010!

Visit to subscribe and ensure that you don't miss it!!


Rathish said...

Hey! that's an impressive teaser! Would love to know more.

Satish N said...

When Anu says something, it must have some serious substance for mind and thought, so there I go your obedient reader to subscribe for the same :)

BTW - Happy Happy Happy New Year. A small request, you are keeping your readers starve to death from one post to another, may be in 2010, you can feed them with more lovely stories not 1ce every week, at least 1ce every month ?? Think naa :)


Satish N said...
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