Monday, December 19, 2005

From Bombay to Madras

So what if it’s raining? Vani and I today raced through in my scooty pep, as the rain hit hard on our skin and the wind rushed on our faces, dishevelling our hair. It was wonderful, to say the least, to be back driving my dear two wheeler. It is wonderful to meet my sis after about 8 months (and hasn’t she thinned down?). Well, it’s wonderful to be back home.

Happy to be back here, yes..But what’s that? The kind of suspended feeling that I woke up with today morning - a sense of still belonging to a different place and that this was may be a dream, from which I would wake up and rush to take the 9.45 local from Churchgate. It doesn’t take long to see that my being in Madras, is reality, when mom places a cup of steaming ‘Milo’ in my hands. Day before yesterday morning, I was somewhere else, there, where my heart still lies.

I am now reminded of a post that I had written on transitions, a few months back. Transitions – how they rule my life; the last one week at Bombay was one where I found myself engrossed in work, for almost 14 hours at a stretch, everyday. I am surprised, I never complained; somehow, I never felt like. The last day, I walked out, without looking back, as if it was yet another day of going back home and being back the next morning.

Despite all the work at office, I still managed time for things closest to my heart. I walked up to Marine Drive, lost myself looking at the serene sky and the placid waters. I went to my often-frequented Barista at Colaba for a last bite of my favourite brownie and a mug of hot chocolate. I watched a movie at Sterling. I walked down Colaba causeway. I stood for a moment in between platforms 1 and 2 at the Churchgate station staring at the tireless local trains that went up and down, listening to the announcements. I threw one last glance at the Oxford bookstore, a place that I had visited as if it was my second home. Days so full of ‘for one last time’ visits.

Farewell gifts, sweet hugs, moist eyes, seen yet unseen tears, good luck messages and to top it all, a mail from a person who you hold in high regard. It isn’t always that your boss writes you a mail and ones that welcome you to stay back in the organisation, even rarer. I still chose to leave them behind, saying someday I would be back, to this lovely place. The question nevertheless remains. Will I ever go back and even if I did, will things ever be the same again?

It is difficult to fall in love with places; But when you do, it’s even tougher to miss them. When I boarded the train back home, my mind was blank. But as the train pulled out, my heart grew heavier. Isn’t it true that it’s the memories that make a place beautiful? Bombay, where I saw so many of my dreams take shape, where I lived my life to the fullest..She, the queen of my Dreams; She is a tear that hangs inside my soul forever..


Ramya said...

Welcome Home! :o))

யாத்திரீகன் said...

hey.. you just kindled me some nostalgic moments within me.

>>as the train pulled out, my heart >>grew heavier

yeah.. thats sooo much true.. :-( and the mind doesnt tries to accept the fact that, next time things arent going to be the same as before...

the same was with me when i had spent my very initial bachelor days in Kolkata .. it was the place which taught what is life, to a boy who hadnt come out of house till that.. that was the place i got to meet people from real life.. dreams comming to shape.. wishes from a person you dont expect..

aaha.. now let me stop here and start blabbering at my blog :-)


Sriram C S said...

Hmm...looks like lots of people are shifting (ref - Eroteme)! Sigh I wish I could shift to Chennai or Hyderabad now as well!!

S m i t h a said...

hey! unprecedented, yet, good call!!
next stop?

Eroteme said...

It sure must have been tough leaving Bombay. So many things to leave behind although most of them cannot be held in one's palm... I am sure Bombay will always welcome you. :-)

biju said...

U've left mumbai, have u? further plans?

Chakra Sampath said...

Change brings opportunity. Good luck to you.

Suudhan Rangarajan said...

hey anu,
So you left your job @ Bombay?
Nice post once again.. kind of felt psenti myself..
So what are your future plans?
Watever it be, All the best and keep posting!

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Ramya, thank you! :)

Senthil, the post does seem to have set you on a flash back trail..I am glad it led you to revisit memories very dear to you..:)

Sriram, you also want to shift?? Looks like there is some dangerous virus in the air!! :p

S m i t h a, good to see you around after a long time! :)..(next stop? well, don't know! :p)thanks a lot for ur best wishes! :)

Eroteme, yeah..I will miss the place for a lot of reasons..but just as you said, these aren't things that can be held in one's palm..:)

Biju, yes, I have left Bombay..Further plans - Ahmm..they will slowly unfold..:)

Chakra, thanks so much! :)

Suudhan, yes, I have left Bombay and thanks a lot for your good wishes..:)..

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

well philosophicala is a journey....ull end it someday dont worry :)..regulara sonna..have fun where ever u are :)

ck said...


I love the phrase 'it’s the memories that make a place beautiful'.

Its so very true.


MrGonSings said...

whatever the future plans be, best of lucks!!!
You've got me feeling nostalgic too!
"a cup of steaming Milo in my hands" brought me back loads of memories... It must be some sort of worldwide famous "welcome-back-home" ritual!

Sriram said...

COngrats!! I was gonna write something like "Anu, she starts anew.." but couldn't find more words.. damn.. I have to get hold of a dictionary or something :D.. anyways.. g'luck.. getting back home, eh?

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Vijay Ramamurthi, :), thanks, that is a nice way of putting it!

Ck, :)

Mrgonsings..hahaha! You have a way of saying things..:)..Yeah, it does seem like a welcome back home ritual, now that you have said it!:)

Sriram, what attempts with poetry or sth?? :p..anyways, thanks! :)

Prabha said...

looks like u r in for a new start.Good luck :)

biju said...

R these plans what ur sis blogged about? ;-) Will wait tell u blog about it. :-)

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Hey prabha, so u r back at blogging? Good to see u around..:)..btw, thanks! :) sis's plans?? has she talked about any?...well, let me check her blog first..:p..

biju said...

not ur sis's plans dear. but the plans ur sis blogged about :-))

REFLEX said...

Some places are like that, it makes an impression in our life.

DD said...

Somethings you had long craved for, somethings you got after a tough fight, somethings you had missed so badly - knowingly or unknowingly... and when you are to part with that, this is what happens.

Rising...... said...

I am done with United Sangatams of America(USA)...aha am gonna wake up in my city 3 months from now, gonna take up a new job, and back to fullfil my dreams of enjoying my life in India, the land where my heart belongs to..

Amrita said...

hi anu, how ru doing? hope u are having a nice time at home. have a nice time and loads of fun. say hi to vani. lucky you!

Anonymous said...

You make me feel like I have taken Bombay for granted :-)

This is exactly how I felt about Bombay some 3 years ago...only in my case, I stayed. She really is the dream, the tear that hangs inside my soul forever.

Very nice post :-)


Anupama Viswanathan said... still blinking like a tubelight! :p

Reflex, true! :)

DD..:)..that's the post in a nutshell..

Rising.., :)..Liked the 'United Sangattams of America' phrase..:)

Hi Amrita, am having a great time..and yes, shall definitely pass on ur 'hi' to vani!

Deepa..ain't I glad to see your comment from my immediate boss?? :) Thank you so much! :)..

biju said...

forget it. It's possible that I'm the actual tubelight. :D

Murukku said...


well this one reminded me of the last few days that I had spent in Pilani... in fact to be true, the very last day of my trip to Pilani this year...

as you said when you visit back to rekindle your old memories, the place would have changed a lot.. that happened when we went to BITS after two long years...

the best thing is memories...and the best thing about these memories are they bring tears in your heart.... tears which dont hurt you but which bring a little smile on to your face....

Anupama Viswanathan said... much for a small question! :p

Kumaresan..Hey Murukku!!!!! How many G's in my name btw?? :))..So good to see you around! Yeah, what I said applies to any place that is close to your heart..and our dear campus cannot be an exception to that!