Tuesday, March 28, 2006


பள்ளி அதனில் முதல் நாளில்,
மெல்லச் சிரித்து, கை குலுக்கி,
என்னைப் போல் ஒருவளாய்
அன்று கண்ட அவளோடு..

வட்டப் பொட்டிட்டு, சடை பின்னி,
பூச்சூடி, வண்ணப் பட்டணிந்து,
செல்லச் சிட்டுக்களாய் வானத்தை
எட்டிப் பிடித்து..

தோள் சாய்ந்து, மனம் திறந்து,
சொல்லால், செயலால் துணை இருந்து,
வார்த்தயிலும் மௌனத்திலும்
நட்பதனை உணர்ந்து..

ஆடிப் பாடி, விளையாடி,
கை கோர்த்து நடந்து, முத்தமிட்டு,
முத்தாய் சிரித்து, சிறு பூவாய் மலர்ந்து,
பூரித்து இருக்கயில் ஒரு நாள்..

மனம் குமுற, கண்ணீர் பெறுக,
முதல் முறையாய் தனிமை அதனை
உணர்ந்து நின்றேன், என்
உயிர் சினேகிதி அவளது மரணத்தில்..

[Thanks Rajesh, for putting up with my nagging and helping me out with the tamil fonts! :)..'Tanglish' version of this post in comments..]


Anupama Viswanathan said...


paLLi adhanil mudhal naaLil
mella sirithu, kai kulukki
ennai pol oruvaLaai
andru kanda avaLodu..

vatta pottittu, sadai pinni,
poochoodi, vaNNa pattaNindhu
Chella ChittukaLaai vaanathai
etti pidithu..

THOL saayndhu, manam thirandhu
sollaal, seyalaal thuNai irundhu
vaarthayilum mounathilum
natpadhanai uNarndhu..

aadi, paadi, viLayaadi,
kai korthu nadhandhu,muthamittu
muthaai sirithu,siru poovaai malarndhu
poorithu irukkayil oru naaL..

manam kumuRa, kaNNir peruga,
mudhal muraiyaai thanimai adhanai
uNanrndhu nindRen,en
uyir snehidhi avaLadhu maraNathil..

Krish said...

Oh....Oh...Oh...I would not take the death there anu...:(( Really...U wud have not killed her..

Manoj said...

First toys. >:(
Then the paper :(
Now this ends like this :``((

(T'was just a fiction wasn't it? :( .. Please say yes)

Badri said...

Tragic end :(

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Guys, thanks for ur comments..I think there is a beauty that is reserved only for sadness..This post is just a piece of fiction, but as far as writing is concerned, I don't think it really matters whether it is fiction or it's a true event..what ultimately matters is the emotion being conveyed and captured in its truest sense..I only wanted to get that here thro' this piece and it is in no way related to my life..:)

REFLEX said...

Nalla Kavithai.
Somehow I am finding it difficult to read these font, it is not the way we use to write. If u had seen my previous post, I wrote something and converted it into jpg file just because it is easily readable than this font. ANy idea how can we use that font which is similar to the way we write.

rajesh said...

its good to see the language in its true form!

Nice poem. I expected a subtler end!

Amrita said...

hi anu, i guess this time there is nothing that i can comment on, except for the pic. its really a beautiful one.

Ramya said...

Yeah Anu, guess I don't exist here at all! I didn't even come here! Oh but did I leave that footprint behind?? ;)

Krish said...

@Reflex: Guess, if you are using Firefox, the font rendering is not that correct...may be you can try using IE and if the problem persists, may be think of some other issues!

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Reflex, thanks! Like Krish says, the rendering of fonts might be a browser problem..

Rajesh, thanks! The ending wasn't meant to be subtle..:)

Amrita, yeah, I can understand..glad you found the pic nice..I loved it too.:)

Ramya, wait till I give you some tuitions in the language! :D

Krish, thanks! :)

Parvati said...

Oops. Somehow missed this post earlier.
Quite lovely. And unquestionably accurate.

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Thank you, Parvati! :)