Tuesday, June 06, 2006

An Alarm Clock, a Divine Lady and I

A devoted Alarm clock (Crooning mechanically):
Wake up, wake up, my darling,
You gotta get going
It's a new, new beginning
A beautiful day in the making.

A sleepy Me (head popping out):
Oh, stop all that crooning
You tell that every morning
Remember, that gets boring
And, I don't feel like waking.

To the coziest of all divine ladies, Lady Idleness!

A blur of white
rising in might
patting me alright
I know thee, my light!

A bewitched me (looking in her direction):
My, I can't stop gazing
At thy form so pleasing
Despite all the ageing
You still look thriving.

A puzzled Alarm clock (rolling eyes):
Now dear, stop wailing
Look at the sun beaming
How dutiful and inspiring
Your day ahead is waiting.

A half convinced Me(struggling):
Oh, enough of convincing
Yet again, you are winning
In holding me from falling
A prey to idleness so dazzling.

And thus I wake up
steaming coffee in a cup
dabbing fresh make up
Sigh, everyday is a hiccup!!

Yet another night returns
Yet another dawn breaks
Yet again his duty begins
Yet again, my friend sings:

Wake up, wake up, my darling,
You gotta get going
It's a new, new beginning
A beautiful day in the making.

And so the story runs
for days, days and days
As the Lady divine returns
in her ever tempting forms.

Alarm Clock: Wake up, wake up, my darling..
Me: No, no, she is alluring
Lady Idleness: My honey, stop resisting
There's lots in the offing.
Alarm Clock: O' dear, you, she is wooing
Me: 'ts just a day, stop worrying
Lady Idleness: My child, continue dreaming
And witness idleness flourishing
Alarm Clock: O'Sigh, why aren't you holding?
Me: Indeed I am, but to her, smiling
To the hand she is lending
Lady Idleness: Come on, it's happiness calling..

And thus for a day
Feeling happy and gay
From the work,cut away
I slept and slept, all day!


Parvati said...

Delightful read.

Manoj said...

Pupppppeeeee. Cute Puppy. And nice poem too. :)

Krish said...

brought out a smile indeed!!!..Its as much real as it can get!!;)

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Parvati, :D..thanks!

Manoj, yeah, reallllllllll cute - isn't he??? :)..and thanks, glad you liked the poem too! :)

Krish, hahaha! thanks..:)..glad this made you smile..

Ramya said...

Puppppyyyyyyy *lets out a big sigh* !
And this one could go into the english textbooks!! Students would love it! Seriously! Wow!

Manoj said...

Puppppppppeeeeee *lets out a bigger sigh*!

Meera said...

I loved this idea! :)

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Ramya, aren't you too generous with your compliments? :D..May be this could go in for KG kids..hehehe..

Manoj, hmmm..was that sigh to compete with Ramya's?

Meera, Hey! :)..good to see you around..Thanks for your comment and thanks again, for your first one, here..:)

Eroteme said...

You bet! :-D
I can count on you to do just that! ;-)
Sleep away dear lady... sleep... sleep.. (I am trying to hypnotise you here)... sleep... sleep.... Drat! You are already asleep!

karthik said...

*A blank look*...What is the puppy doing here? Is the poem supposed to be read from the puppy's perspective?

Beautiful poem nevertheless.

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Eroteme, ??, I think it's you who needs lot of sleep!! :O

Karthik, why interpret soo much? It has to be read from a human's perspective only..The pic of the puppy is to represent the heightened sense of peace and rest written on its face. I couldn't find a better pic to express that! :)

Amrita said...

anu, ur becoming a master of these little poems...that was funny and interesting the way u depicted the tussle between idleness, man and time...good one...i am saying it again and again...find a good publisher...ur poems are worth it.

Vani Viswanathan said...

wake up, and put a new post! :D

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Hey Amrita, thanks! :)

Vani, I woke up!!!

rajesh said...

dont we all like lewis carol?