Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Moment

Here, on this earth,
Where nothing stays,
The passing cloud,
The flowing stream,
The rushing wind,
The fresh bloom and the fading flower,
The seed, the cub,
The withered tree, the dying lion,
The autumn, the spring,
Like wars, people, and innocence..

You flow too,
And so does that one dream,
That both our eyes painted..
Ah, shades of love,
Smudged by tears;
When colors seem meaningless,
I request for a streak of gold -
Can I hold on to you,
For a minute now -
And cherish it for a lifetime?
This memory,
The joy of a minute’s beauty.


Bhargavi sekhar said...

first to comment!!
//where nothing stays
like wars,peace and innocence//
how true!

MrGonSings said...

Quick stop-by to wish my favorite "engineer turned into a journalist" writer all the best for this brand new 2007!!!
Hope you enjoy lots & lots of joyful minutes of beauty!!!

Risha said...

very well said :-)
at all at the right moment.
Wish you a very happy new year, and may you saviour all the lovely moments this year too.