Monday, January 08, 2007

Of cobwebs, dust, and inactivity..

Helplessness, that’s what I feel when I look at The Storyteller’s Hut. I began last year with this story (one of the posts, closest to my heart) and this year, something as trivial as this post. What a contrast!!

Now, how do I stop that bitterness that’s lumping up at my throat?

I miss you dear blog!

I really wish I could find the time to experiment more, to write more! :(

God, are you listening?!!


God said...


~rajesh~ said...

you passed your momentum to kk ?!
come back soon ! :)

Biju said...

"Now, how do I stop that bitterness that’s lumping up at my throat?"

Make time and write. Well, I am sure you must be incredibly busy to not do that. so god above(?!!), grant the storyteller's wish

there are a good many of us folks that click refresh on your blog to see if we rn't being fooled by the cache.. :)

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Ahh, how interesting, the first comment for this year, is from 'God' Himself! Thank you! :)

Rajesh, haha, looks like..KK is indeed blogging with great levels of enthusiasm! :)

Biju, was truly moved by your comment..Thanks, I really hope to write more frequently in 2007! :)

raks said...

i thought rss feeds from ur blog weren't reaching my feed reader. been busy ? hoping to find more posts in the near future.

Varsha said...

Anu..Wish u lesser inertia..more ideas..lesser potential energy..more kinetic energy..lesser mass..more momentum - N All's Right With The Blog - Amen!

Eroteme said...

Thass hokay. I am sure eet eez tough for you, being zee mother of 21 cheeldren. :-)
Zee zimplest zing I do eez get out of bed and write... But KK should also cooperate, I suppose! ;-)

Harish said...

Relax...even I managed to find some and post them ;)
Sometimes its just the timing ;)

அக்னிபாரதி said...

This is something that worked for me. Try posting something in a different language or perhaps a different form - paintings, photos, etc., My Tamil Blog and the Bharathiyaar translation BLOG are keeping me going. So how about Anupama's Tamil blog? :)

penuryof thought said...

Bharathiyaar, Herman Hesse and Ishiguro - my favourites too! Nice blog you have and nice to see aspiring writers. I am also an ex-journalist, incidentally.

Vinesh KS said...

Wish you more blogging hours this year!