Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The couple and an Ipod Nano : A story

Good day! So, you decided to read the story!
Ok, if you please..

(Don't ask me if it's fiction, it isn't!)

The pair in the story is an awesome one, you know! (Yeah, trust me!)..Why not, if it happens to be me and my better half ;)(call him KK)! The Ipod Nano is ours (technically what I own, though my husband sponsored it..:p).

This Ipod Nano has been my secret desire for (if not ages), definitely couple of months.

Me, I was obsessed with the idea of owning an Ipod but was never willing to talk about it, even when tempted into buying it. I have this very strange tendency to say no to things I like. If someone asked me straight on my face, if I wanted something, I would say a no; outright. This is true even if it's a thing that I really loved. After having said a no, I would rue over it and long for it, like a dumb idiot. And that, is a terrible weakness!

Both KK and I, are Forum addicts (the much talked about mall in Bangalore), that we religiously spend every saturday/sunday evening there. For the first five of our last seven visits there, he would take me to the Apple Ipod store inside Forum, and we would gaze dreamily (me, longingly!) at all those cute Ipods sitting there. While I was caught struggling with my unusual emotion, KK was stuck with a different problem. He also (desperately?) wanted to pick up a nano, but his wife (whom he knew wanted to buy one, but unfortunately) was actually convincing him not to buy it, citing a huge list of unwanted reasons - big money, savings, investments, blah, blah..I am sure, he thought "Oh come on, it's just this time! Why all this Ramayana??"

From the third time on, that we walked into the Apple store, I was getting this uneasy, silly feeling that the demo person out there, would recognise us, as the "Couple Craving for a Cute, Compact, Charismatic, Cho Chweet Thing" (or abbreviate that to C7T)". The day we were supposed to make the sixth visit to Forum, we oscillated between buying and not buying an Ipod, hmm...let me put a number to that, 13 times, thanks to me. I think KK convinced me 6 times, and I said No, all the 6 times (remember my weakness?) and finally the 7th time, he saw me sitting glum and before he could ask me what was wrong, I yelled out, "I want an Ipod da!!!" And he, he just sighed!

When we walked into the store the sixth time, we had seen the demo five times already in the white and black models and I was severely warning KK that I would hide my face, in case the folks there recognised who I was. I had shocking (of course useless) premonitions that they would pull us up by the collar and threaten us into buying a piece once and for all!

The sixth time, was a decisive one! Finally, finally, yes, we bought the dream thingy out!

Awww...so much for an Ipod, you think? Don't you? Yes, yes, I know. But, sometimes it's fun to put up crazy posts like these that are not hard on your brain cells! The serious stuff is always there!

For a round up, why not take a peek at the top ten songs in my latest playlist? It's a mad mix!

1) Maru Murai Aval Vizhi (Run)

- Short, quick rap with a beautiful instrumental ending of "Panikaatre"..

2) Enna Idhu (Nala Damayanti)

- Soft, soothing, haunting melody..

3) Oru Maalai (Gajini)

- A treat on an Ipod, Karthik rocks!

4) Thottu Thottu (Kaadhal)

- Can you give a superlative to brilliant? I love the lines, "Karu Vizhi rendum karuvarai thaano, meendum pirandhen"!

5) Vellai Pookal (Kannathil Muthamittal)

- My eyes grow misty everytime, and that's rare! ARR, I bow to thee!

6) Signore (Kannathil Muthamittal)

- Singalathu Melody! Very cute!

7) Kannathil Muthamittal (Kannathil Muthamittal)

- Jayachandran's voice is soul stirring!

8) It's the time to disco (Kal Ho Na Ho)

- I love that beat, and the laziness in the words, "Hey, we are dancing the night away!"

9) Dekho Naa (Swades)

- The strings, Alka, Udit, ARR, simplicity - extraordinary combo!

10) Suraj Hua Madham (K3G)

- The violins steal the show!


Badri said...

Rather than buying a cell phone with Mp3 player, investing on Ipod is certainly a better idea.Ipod rocks :)

Sriram C S said...

Interesting most women I know deny themselves things that they want most!

Vani Viswanathan said...

bad girl...why did you write this? :(
an iPod in 2007, here I come!!!

Krish said...

Hmm...seconds Sriram...Had seen that!!.but surely Apple rocks...my first comp would be an Mac!!

Krish said...

n though out of topic, the CATCHA(or whatever that is called- those alphabets that decide whether I am a human or a bot) said Pyazzkk!!...really that had already been quenched!!:)

Ramya said...

Seriously, in this rate, I think I'm gonna get married... (anu kelambi vaa.. lotsa work to do!!) And yeah, u can bring my brother too :p

~/rajesh/~ said...

It isnt surprising that everybody I knew who blog and bought an ipod have put a post on that !
Ipod is a definite onida (neighbour's envy, owner's pride)!
do u know kk has been planning this pre-feb?

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Badri, yeah, indeed, Ipod rocks! :)

Sriram C S, hmm..so it's a many woman phenomenon, is it?? :p..I thought it was unique to me..;)

Vani, :(..what else to do? you can listen to it when you come here..:D

Krish, pyazzkk is a great funda!! :)

Ramya, :O..you wanna get married??? Come on, spare some time..let me get used to my married life first, and help you with that 'lotsa work'..and of course, am getting him along..you see I can't do all the work myself!!! :D

Rajesh, indeed Ipod is an Onida (did you see my sister fuming??)..Yeah, I kinda know that it has been a dream in his bachelor days as well! :))

biju said...

reminds me of my iPod buy. same craving.. same convincing myself that it was too xpensive and then one fine day I just bought it.. all 60Gigs of it.. :-D And I dont repent it..

u are in B'Lore now????? Wow, that's cool. Maybe I can meet up with KK n u sometime.. :)

யாத்திரீகன் said...

the numbers in this post just make me laugh like anything :-) but yeah.. i njoyed it...

& hope u get hold of all ur fav songs in ur jukebox...

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Biju, 60 Gigs..:O..OMG!!! You're freaky crazy!! :D...oh, btw, yup, I am in Bangalore right now..and we can catch up sometime!! :)

Yaathrigan, hahaha! Yeah, the post is numbers all the way!! and I am in the process of compiling different playlists!

Adiya said...

welcome to the world of iPod ... nice story line and made me crazy to buy that..
i am still holding my 30 GB rare mp3 collections into my sweet cute lappy.. soon it will be under iPod umberlla.. :)

Manoj said...

Superlative of brilliant? I think it is brilliantest.

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Adiya, good luck with your iPod purchase! :)

Manoj, hail your english knowledge! :p

Manoj said...

Oh, don't mention it. 'Thottu Thottu' is my favorite too :) The Opening "Enge naan ponaalum..." just takes me by surprise everytime. (Sh'd have sung that opening lines to my school crush on farewell [Sighhhhh]:p )