Monday, May 08, 2006

To Amma, with love..

Ask her. Even today, she would definitely brand me her biggest trouble maker till my sister came into the picture. Not that I make things any better for her now, but atleast am a little grown up.

Ma, remember those days when we used to play those little, little games? Hide and seek, doctor-doctor and teacher-teacher? Well, I know all of it only through pictures you have shown me and the ones you created for me, through your flawless, innocent recollections.

Then, I grew a little bigger and I still recollect those pretty, pretty dresses you designed for me, in Singer Fashion maker. You couldn't have asked for a better model, could you? :)

I have troubled you enough, haven't I? Demanded so much patience from you. But then you did everything for me - you poured strength, inspiration and motivation into me when I needed them the most and you smiled in relief when I crossed the worst hurdles in my life.

Ah, how can I forget those fights over arranged marriages and horoscopes? I told you I would get home a man of my choice.:p. You panicked and pinched my cheek and twisted my ear and then in the night, whispered into my ears, "Trust me, dear, I'll bring you the best," and I smiled and hugged you. And you did find me one, didn't you? ([Oh yes, You did, you did!:)]

Tell you what, You are sweet, you are adorable, you are special, you are my dear friend, my lovely technophobic lady!

As you turn a golden fifty today, I wish you lots and lots of years of happiness, good health and cheer. Happy Birthday Ma, You are the best! :). I promise I will do you proud! :)

Lotsa Love..
Your big dotter..


Vani Viswanathan said...

That was soooo cute!
Happpppy Birthday, darling mommmy!

Parvati said...

Happy post too, along with a happy birthday!

Abru said...

Cute and touching...
After reading it, I started thinking about my childhood and I phoned my Mom. She was wondered by the call at an un-expected time..

Badri said...

i'm sure ur mom had tears rolling from her eyes, after reading this post...happy b'day mom!

rakesh said...

belated bday wishes to ur mom :-)

Amrita said...

convey my regards and say a very happy birthday to ur mom on my behalf, was so true-the things that u wrote about ur mom...i guess all moms have certain common traits.

Manoj said...

which date?

mysorean said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! :)

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Vani, :)..Yup, amma finally read both mine and yours! :D

Parvati, :), yes, yes!

Abru, glad to hear that the post touched your heart..hope you had a good chat with your mom! :) sure she would have been happy! :)

Badri, yes, my mom was happy! :)

Rakesh, she would have seen your wishes herself! (I sent her the link!)

Amrita, true! Moms do share some common traits! :)

Manoj, date of the post = my mom's bday which happens to be 8th may!

Adi, :), thanks on her behalf!

Adiya said...

when ever i browse your blog get locked iwht tons of memories. cho sweet.. i liked the flow.


Known Stranger said...

I wish i could write somthing like this to mom but for sure she will havve a heart ache.

As i am always branded as emtionless son and senti less son born to her.

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Adiya, glad this post brought back memories! :)

Known Stranger, come on, there is nothing wrong in changing yourself a little bit..I think expressing your love for someone dear, is the best thing you can do to them..:)

REFLEX said...

To Mom,

Our Gift, Election results.

With Love
Tamilnadu makkal. :).