Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My lovely technophobic lady

Moms, they are the sweetest things on earth and my amma, 'ammu kutty' , as I call her when I find her really adorable is a darling! Now this sweet heart of mine, among her different avatars, is a technophobe too.
Example - Couple of days back, my dad and I were discussing about shifting from dial up to a broadband connection and at a point we talked about changing the modem. What does amma say? Her monetary concerns rise high, and she advises my dad, "well, why do you want to go in for a new modem and invest in it unnecessarily? We might as well use the old one. Think twice before you invest." "Well, see raji, you can't really do that..they are two entirely different things," that's my dad and mind you, he is suppressing a smile there. The next moment, needless to say, amma has shot into a peak and says, "oh come on, don't laugh, I know I don't understand these things, don't tell me anything" and she just shuts her ears. Well have you seen a kid in her late 40s she is..

Surprisingly these days, she prides herself about the lastest 'comp' terms that she is picking up. Now, that Vani is in Singapore, amma is emerging better and better. Click, double click, password, inbox, yahoo messenger, chat, online, offline and of late, your (mine) website (sometimes web) - she is definitely walking through the jargon maze! She now connects to the net, opens her inbox, not only hers but my dad's too!!

Vani is jumping. I ask her what and she says, "Amma is so cute!".Well, why? Because amma REPLIED (from the reply option!!) to one of her mails and further still - all the words in the two and odd sentences that she wrote literally stuck to each other. Amma didn't use the space bar. Goodness me, I shriek, "That's brilliant!" and I go back home and give her a big hug! I know she detested the thought of peering into the keyboard searching for the 26 alphabets that she knew by heart, as if she didn't know them.:) and now this is too good.

On days when I keep sitting glued to the comp, she would come to me and ask, "Are you done?" and without a pause she would say, "Give it to me for sometime. It has been long since I played Solitaire." Days that I go back late she would discuss her luck with the 'n' solitaire games that she played with the comp! Talk about improvements..

The transformation fascinates me to this day. Any mail that she doesn't like on my dad's inbox she would tell me, "Del pannidu" and I would just smile. Everyday, there is a new problem that the confusing machine gives her, and yesterday she tells me, "I saw Vani online. But I clicked once on her name and it became black. Something was wrong." I tell her "Don't click, but double click," and she meditates on it and nods. "I shall try tomorrow," comes her thought out response...well sweetie, good luck!!:)..It only makes me love you more!


Vani Viswanathan said...

akku, that was great!!!!!
enjoyed reading it, rey!

Pavitra K said...
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Pavitra K said...

Hi Anu...this post was too good...jus refreshed de things that happened with me n my mom... :)
i guess the solitare thing is very true with everyone's mom :):):)