Sunday, February 20, 2005

I wanna sound byte!

Certain questions keep popping up inside my head, now and then. Those times, I would just feel like standing in front of a big crowd, and shouting the question out! Have never tried that but..
Then got this idea at 1 last night, when i was in one of those transient states, oscillating between sleeping and staying awake...
So, I decided I would put one such question here..Well, why not? If somebody could post a reply..I would at least get an answer.. to the question..
One, What do guys think when they look at a girl? Simply put, which girl would impress a guy most?
Two, the other way round, What do girls think when they look at a guy? (I have my own answers..I wouldn't put them here, probably, that is another post!). Simply put, which guy would impress a girl most?

I know opinions differ and that is why I ask for it..
So, Can i have some sound bytes please????


VM said...

Personally, hmmm.... An attractive enough face would be it. Dumbness would turn me off forever. Its cliche I know. Beauty and brains. They hardly go together. Look at me. I always thought I didn't need so much of brainpower. Someone with whom you can make sensible conversation would be my final answer.

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Good Mo! Thnx for chippin in ur comment..:)

surya said...

this is a very difficult ques to answer...

but let me try answering it...

for me it would definitely be a Southindian gal who I would find attractive....ofcourse Telugu gals are so cute...!!!
I am a believer in looks dont matter philosophy...but I look for a decent face though..!!!
I dont talk abt "brains' and all but what matters a lot is "common sense"
it is paramount for me.
I am a traditionalist and undoubtedly I like a traditional gal..
It all boils down to a Telugu gal with some common sense and good manners...( this doesnt include drinking socially ..;))

for, lipstick, nail polish, coloured hair...these are NO-NOs....

Sowmya said...

Hey there
I am from BITS too.. and I was wondering which batch u were..

Vani Viswanathan said...

here is my list of what i'd expect in a guy: (nv mind if it's long! ;) )
no drinks or cigarettes
a music freak, shd esp. like a.r.rahman
tell me i sing well!
read and write a lot!
don't have to be a stud. boy, but should have lotsa common sense(this doesn't mean he gotta go around snubbing at people! )
no moustache ;)
tall and thin(but don't look like a TB patient ;D )
i give him permission to sight beat other girls(expecting he'll let me go my way too!) but shouldn't ever give me up... ;)
of cos be nice to me!!!!, show me one guy like this! lol

Sriram said...

which girl would impress me most?
well, to answer simply, the one who loves me most... :)

REFLEX said...

Vani, Its easy to get a Guy like this. I myself qualify 90% of your requirements but I am not thin and not too fat. be cool buddy, just for FUN.

Chakra Sampath said...

I'd like to answer... but I am 200% sure that my wife reads this blog... so, better not take that risk! :)

saranyan said...

hey nice one :)

my list ---

shares some common interests - like movies, books etc or even if there isn't any, she can atleast listen to some of mine and tell about hers, like creating a good environment for talking
little shy but not reserved altogether
if she challenges my opinions, that will be great. I don't care even is she has diametrically opposite views, its the elucidation that matters :-)

piggy said...

nimirndha nannadai, nerkonda paarvai, nilathil yaarkum anjaadha theermai, thimirndha gyana serukkum udaya pudhumai penn.

Vani Viswanathan said...

Ha Reflex,
There's one important thing, over riding that list I've put up....
We should like each other!!!
Jus for fun! ;)

Anupama Viswanathan said...

I passed out of BITS in 2002 (1998 batch)...How abt u?

my dear sissy...Expectations galore!but interesting enuf..and yes, i definitely agree on "We should like each other!"

Surya..good luck in finding the right Telugu girl!!:)

Sriram has got to the most basic truth...and thats really is probably wot people seem to be searching for, in certain marriages..

Relfex, well? A comment to my sis on my blog??Never mind, I do enjoy the fun!!:)

Chakra seems to be a very devoted husband..well, i hope ur wife reads this too!!:)

saranyan..that is being really nice and open minded...:)

Piggy..Bharathi's pudumai penn!! Thats great!

Amrita said...

Hi Anu, nice question? I will answer your question with another question. Does the ideal guy exist? If he does I shall bite my years. All those talks about caring , sensitive guys with hearts which only love you and not your face-ARE A BIG FARCE!!!I won't say what kind of qualities do I expect a guy to have as I know it would be expecting too much.

VM said...

Aha! Profound and not-so-profound people. It is I! The overlord of the editorial underworld. Do your stuff. Keep an eye out for the ideal guy but do your stuff!

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Respected Ed of Digantik,
I shall obey ur command!
-Correspondent, Nation beat ;))

Chakra Sampath said...

thanks for your compliments anupama... it was read and i cd 'feel' the effect..

well.. coming to your question, i am not particular abt looks.. i wd like a person who has her views & be able to stand by that.. not the one to just nod at what i (or for that matter anyone) say.. i believe in instincts that shud say "together we can come up.." kinda thing.. not sure whether I was able to convey my thoughts across..

thankfully, i hav zeroed in on that person..

Amrita said...

Hi Anu ...n Amrita!
Anu, do you agree with cynics like Amrita? But..ya..dont u think this is the 'Shahrukh Khan' effect? Folks ought to get over Shahrukh..right?? Or else, we'll have some poor romeo...somewhere...pining away for folks like her...
Varsha Sreenivasan

manoj said...

Interesting comments.
I agree with saranyan here. Having shared interests is great but it is more about being open and willing to create shared interests.

And Vani, if you don't mind me saying so, wait for a few more years and see more of the world before forming your opinions on this.

Prabu Karthik said...

Essentially we are looking for a friend who can share everything with us.

It is impossible to put it in wordsi guess.

I mean its an instinctual decision with lots of moderation when we express to others.

i try to communicate when amma and my friends amma living close probe me with this question but i know words are inappropriate.

we have criterias but there can be exceptions too based on some other qualities a girl may have.

how do u explain that?kashtam.

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