Saturday, February 19, 2005

Oops..I messed up!

I am smart. Know what I did. After posting stuff on Mega serials, with the HTML 'skills' that I possess, I tried something with the template code and I guess I deleted most of the code that my blog went blank. Gosh! I got psyched outa shape and went back to see the code and I realised the problem. But last night it seemed ok, Strange! Well, for all those who visited my blog yday (Hopefully!!:)), you would have seen a disaster.
One more post, reserved for the night!Catch ya soon..


VM said...

Welcome to the club! Template disasters are not uncommon. I have HAD them. Good idea to have a back up copy of your customised template in a text file somewhere on your local drive. It happens. Can't believe I am teaching computerese to a qualified engineer!

VM said...

Also, the reason might not have seen the effect earlier is that blogger has this cache issue. templates changes are sometimes slow to take effect on the blogs. I can't say I have any solid solution to this but I faced the problem because I was, at that point, posting in excess of ten posts a day. Maximum of two or three a day should keep your blog in good shape.

Dr. blogger

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Thanks Dr.blogger..but, what to do..even engineers do make mistakes, or why else would windows need so many sys admins??